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The Devils Dance Summary ☆ 7 ↠ [Read] ➱ The Devils Dance ➹ Johnny Stone – Cherry Clark is a spoiled brat unappreciative of the good fortune she's experienced throughout her life She is also a solitary sex addict experiencing her vicarious desires through her imagination and Cherry Clark is a spoiled brat unapprecia[Read] The Devils Dance Johnny Stone Srl Cherry Clark is a spoiled brat unappreciative of the good fortune she's experienced throughout her life She is also a solitary sex addict experiencing her vicarious desires through her imagination and Cherry Clark is a spoiled brat unappreciative of the good fortune she's experienced throughout her life She is also a solitary sex addict experiencing her vicarious desires through her imagination and Internet porn Her closet desire to be a submissive is shrouded in fear; and her mouthy attitude only gets her into trouble One night after work she finds a flier stuck to her car advertising a mysterious club Sheol's Fringe Her interest is aroused she decides to go unaware that her life is about The Devils ePUB to change f.

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Ire to submit As her relationship with Sameal deepens she becomes his It's under his stern hand that she discovers the joy of being spanked and punished as her bratty side is paddled into submission for the first time in her life However Cherry still wars with her submissive self And when she decides she wants her freedom Sameal grants her reuest But without his ownership and guidance she feels empty; and now she's fair game for other members of the club who have their own designs on the sexy Cherry Some painful lessons await her as she attempts to navigate her elusive uest for sexual gratification without the powerful Sameal Can Cherry live without him Will she find her way back Or will there be a new master ready to take this needy submissive in hand Contemporary BDSM Fantasy with paranormal elements featuring male dominatio.

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The Devils DanceOrever Sameal the hot looking bartender and Sheol's owner is also a devil and a member of the Board of Directors for Devil Corp an organization that brokers in human pleasures through the use of a 'Dream Journal' service The journal itself allows the user to experience whatever fantasy they write about while in a sleep like trance Sameal gives her a dream journal of her own through which Cherry lives out her deepest and darkest fantasies Her desires take some shocking twists Even frightening they tend to manifest themselves in unusual physically forms She's a rare breed able to immerse herself in fantasy to the point of changing her own reality From scenes as a sexy puppy to a down on her luck white trash whore who gets used hard the shallow young woman is soon to discover that despite her open resistance she has a strong des.

The Devils Dance Summary ☆ 7 I was born near Minneapolis MN but have lived in numerous places across the US and have done a lot of traveling around the world in general I also lived in Austria for a year Saudi Arabia for around three and Germany for sixWhile overseas I traveled to places such as England Switzerland France Italy India Kuwait Bahrain and EgyptI've always enjoyed reading but have found my true lo.

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  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *

    The Devils Dance Summary ☆ 7 The Devils DanceI really enjoyed this one Since it is very heavy in the humiliation area that surprises me than a little It could be that I'm becoming understanding of the need some people have for humiliation in spite of the fact it's not something for me in my kink The writing is strong Some editinggrammar errors here and there but nothing that pulled me out of the story I thought it was intriguing something new and fresh In a really overplayed sub genre paranormal of eroticaerotic romance that's tough to do so kudos to the author I didn't care for the characters much to be honest Cherry seemed like she was pulled straight out of a porn movie A snotty conceited sex maniac obsessed with her next orgasm OK Sameal was interesting because he seemed layered less stereotypical All the other side characters played their role but none really stands out Here it is the story and the plo

  • Maria Pussycat

    The Devils Dance Summary ☆ 7 The Devils DanceI like a book that surprises me This one didI wasn't expecting the paranormal element in the story and I have to admit that loved it since it is my other favorite genre on top of erotica that was the element of surprise for me sex with a deviluhmmI like a book that makes me feel different thingsand this one didI was aroused at times and very scared at othersNow I don't want to give too much away so I would just say that althoug

  • KitReads (a.k.a. nd)

    The Devils Dance Summary ☆ 7 The Devils DanceThe Devil's Dance was a dance through the wild side for me I've not read anything uite like this before Erotica Paranormal and BDSM all mixed into one attention grabbing hard to put down book The fantastical elements come fast and furious the characters come to life completely and each is introduced with the utmost care in their own time You are wholly introduced to characters and you come to either love or hate them there is no middle ground The author conveys a sense of legitimacy to each person in his story even when he is taking you for a

  • Leisha

    The Devils Dance Summary ☆ 7 The Devils DanceI honestly don't know where to start but I guess the beginning is as good as anything I was immediately drawn to this book when I first looked up Stone's author profile a couple of months ago it was the title the cover the description the everything I knew I had to read it It's been a while since then and I have since learned to appreciate Stone as an intelligent imaginative teasing and witty author with an amazing sixth sense for the use of his language that tells his stories he really is a favourite of mine and that does not happen all that often for meThe Devil's Dance is a very special story it presents the reader with an opportunity to fantasise along with its characters What if I had a Dream Journal What if I stood face to face with a handsome devil What if More often than not I put the book down at night and had my mind wander and thought about the

  • Aya

    The Devils Dance Summary ☆ 7 The Devils DanceOnce again Stone delivers a tale that does not fail to captivate excite and entrap the reader in his artfully constructed fantasy world Everything about this book piued my curiosity from the allure of the title to the beauty in the cover image and a blurb that promises a story that will enticeHow many of us have ever felt like we were unable to voice our fantasies let alone make them a reality It is a story that allows us to live vicariously through the characters imagining that we are the ones fulfilling our wildest fantasies While the story provides us with the opportunity to explore our darkest and most intimate desires it also cautions us to be careful of what we wish for and to always be truthful to

  • Rachael

    The Devils Dance Summary ☆ 7 The Devils DanceAny book that I start at 830 in the evening and stay up till 215 in the morning to finish must get a 5 star I couldn't put this book down I was captivated from the very start The concept was unlike anything I've read before and I find myself wondering if we will see of the corporation I really liked the different sex scenes with that journal the scenerios are endless I liked that those scenes had some twists and turns in them I liked the surprises there Great story I can't wait to read

  • Jessa ♥dhanger♥ EvilDarkSide

    The Devils Dance Summary ☆ 7 The Devils DanceThe Devil's Dance is a dark twisting story of submission intertwined with paranormal elements Sameal is a 'devil' who brokers in human pleasure He gets than he bargained for when he takes on Cherry a spoiled young woman with an addiction to sex With Sameal's help Cherry explores the darker side of her fantasies and the two begin to form an unbreakable bond This story is full of kink fetishes and hot sex with darker aspects but it all ties up nicely in the end Another interesting and naughty tale from Johnny StoneHe never disappoints

  • Krista

    The Devils Dance Summary ☆ 7 The Devils DanceFirst ill say this book really got my juices flowing this was a very different read for me but I was not disapointed in the leastI was drawn in from the very beginning and couldnt stop till I was finishedI can relate to Cherry's character for the most part and I think thats why I enjoyed this book so muchThe story line it self was amazing then you have all these hot ass sex scenes that just tops it offI say its a must read for those who enjoy BDSM and darker reads

  • Sylvia Ryan

    The Devils Dance Summary ☆ 7 The Devils DanceFinally a book that didn't give me the vague sense that I'd read this story beforeThe book's concept was interesting and original with unexpected twists and even a trip into Hell The sex scenes were completely different from the mainstream bdsm fare of spankng and light bondage and included some extreme and fetish elements I'll definitely read this author again

  • Salena

    The Devils Dance Summary ☆ 7 The Devils DanceI really enjoyed this book to my suprise At times I cringed especially during the scene wit Nakamura San however I also laughed and got really turned on This type of BDSM is most asuradely out of my comfort zone I found the writing exceptional and thoroughly enjoyed the plot and romantic nature of the book I will definately continue to read the rest of Johnny Stone's works Thank you Johnny for producing a uality BDSM read I am so tired of the cheesy erotic stories I've read lately