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Kamień na kamieniu?de arcydzieło przede wszystkim wielką tajemnica sztuki czymś niepojętym co zdaje się do nas przychodzić z innego Kamień na PDFEPUB ² wymiaru” a także „Myśliwski wypełniając wielowiekowe puste miejsce w polskiej literaturze bierze na siebie cały ciężar odwiecznych epickich zobowiązań artystycznych spełnia epicką powinność wobec chyba jednego z ostatnich układów świata o cechach niepowtarzalności i samowystarczalnej pełni”Powieść zdobyła rów

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✸ Kamień na kamieniu Epub ✻ Author Wiesław Myśliwski – Srl-ltd.co.uk „Kamień na kamieniu” Wiesława Myśliwskiego zanim jeszcze pojawił się na półkach księgarskich stał się już wydarzeniem literackim Henryk Bereza pisał o tej powieści „Jest jak każde Kamień na kamieniu Epub Author Wiesław Myśliwski Srl ltdcouk „Kamień na kamieniu” Wiesława Myśliwskiego zanim jeszcze pojawił się na półkach księgarskich stał się już wydarzeniem literackim Henryk Bereza pisał o tej powieści „Jest jak każde „Kamień na kamieniu” Wiesława Myśliwskiego zanim jeszcze pojawił się na półkach księgarskich stał się już wydarzeniem literackim Henryk Bereza pisał o tej powieści „Jest jak ka?

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Nież wielkie uznanie wśród czytelników czego dowodem były min tytuły książki roku w plebiscycie księgarni „Współcześni” i „Dziennika Wieczornego” w Bydgoszczy oraz książki dziesięciolecia w plebiscycie „Tygodnika Kulturalnego” Wartość i znaczenie powieści potwierdziły przyznane jej nagrody Funduszu Literatury Stowarzyszenia Księgarzy Polskich Ministra Obrony Narodowej I stopnia Stowarzyszenia Bibliotekarzy Polskich Klubu Kultury Chłopskiej Obecnie

Kamień na kamieniu kindle Ëread Wiesław Myśliwski is a Polish novelist In his novels and plays Myśliwski concentrates on life in the Polish countryside He is twice the winner of the Nike Award Polish euivalent of the Booker Prize for Widnokrąg and Traktat o łuskaniu fasoli Kamień na PDF/EPUB ² His first novel translated into English was The Palace translated by Ursula Phillips His novel Stone Upon Stone Kamień na kamieniu won.

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  • Jim Fonseca

    Kamień na kamieniu kindle Ëread Kamień na kamieniuA long slow read meant to be savored and it is worth it I read this bit by bit over a few months It mixes up the present with reflections of the past in stream of consciousness passages There is little dialogue The main character is a Polish man who fought in the resistance against the Germans and then the Russians in WW II He was hospitalized for a year with wagon injuries to his leg He’s mainly a farmer but at times supplement his income as a barber and a clerk in the town hall We read of his present doings and reflections on his growing up on the farm He was one of four brothers Two brothers left for the big cities and essentially never came back except for a visit of a few hours every three years We see the infinite sadness of a mother writing to he

  • Agnieszka

    Kamień na kamieniu kindle Ëread Kamień na kamieniu Stone upon stone is an epic saga and vast panorama of rural life and the peasant's view of the world The main character country bumpkin Szymek Pietruszka a cross between a philosopher and chronicler in a simple though not plebby way spins a story of his own life And we readers actually feel as if we were sitting on the threshold of his homestead and before our eyes pass a colorful parade of people and events which he had participated Country road winding and full of holes hich one could go on the fair to the nearby town or to dance to the neighbouring village And acacias which

  • Vit Babenco

    Kamień na kamieniu kindle Ëread Kamień na kamieniuI would've simply called Stone Upon Stone a narrative wonder“Though if you ask me eternity’s the same whether you’re eaten by worms in your grave or fishes in the sea When the Day of Judgment comes the folk in their graves and the ones from the sea will have to rise up just the same And it’s a lot less trouble in the sea than when you have to build a tomb”The protagonist lived a long rebellious and troubled life and now he attempts to build a tomb for himself and his kin And in the process he remembers his entire life mostly tumultuous and unhappy although he had his happy moments as well The recollections come randomly childhood youth adulthood grandparents mother father brothers war resistance peace hospital work drunkenness harvests lost love – everything gradually aggregates into a vivid mosaic of living“People don’t need to know everything Horses don’t know things and they go on living And bees for instance if they knew it was humans they were collect

  • Lee Klein

    Kamień na kamieniu kindle Ëread Kamień na kamieniuFinished it and said something like whoa great book The title is perfect per the epigram it's from a folk song stone upon stone on stone a stone and on that stone another stone A perfect title because it's a simple introduction to the novel's alinear associative structureprogress across the clear cut beginning middle and end of a few eras the narrator's pre war youth of mostly satisfying work in the fields fighting in the resistance during WWII and the post war soviet era marked by administrative work excessive drinking and chasing women Like the last book I read Buddenbrooks it light handedly dramatizes totally dramatic societal shifts occuring o

  • Michael

    Kamień na kamieniu kindle Ëread Kamień na kamieniuThis fat novel first published in 1984 and translated into English in 1999 felt to me like a masterful paean to the power of human memory to hold a lifetime to reconstruct a dying way of rural life and to reveal the heroic and stubborn resilience of the spirit We start with Szymek in middle age working on a stone tomb for his two brothers and already dead parents in a rural village in Soviet era Poland One thought leads to another back and forth through time spanning his history of rebelliousness while growing up in a farming family and eventual return to the land after a life of trying to escape Depending on the flow of his memories we are treated to episodes and chapters from different phases of his life These include his traditions in youth as a bully a wo

  • Laysee

    Kamień na kamieniu kindle Ëread Kamień na kamieniuI very rarely leave a book unfinished and I had wanted to consign “Stone Upon Stone” to the heap of unreadable books after the first chapter It took me a very long time to get to the end of the first chapter But I felt I needed to read some so I read another two chapters and still I wanted to ditch it However I am thankful I kept on reading because it turned out to be an unusual story that touched me in unexpected waysI have never before read Wiesław Myśliwski He is a Polish novelist I found out later that “Stone Upon Stone” translated by Bill Johnston won the 2012 Best Translated Book Award The nove

  • lark benobi

    Kamień na kamieniu kindle Ëread Kamień na kamieniuThe discursive narrative style is a blend of artfulness and artlessness that disarmed me with its power All of the harrowing deadly tender and memorable events in Szymek Pietruszka’s life are revealed to the reader with many digressions along the way Some events are sharply told in a single paragraph Others reveal themselves in small increments that build throughout the novel as if some memories are too painful to tell all at once Szymek is irreverent and explosive He's a drunk a lout And yet he loves his family deeply and usu

  • Melanie (Mel&

    Kamień na kamieniu kindle Ëread Kamień na kamieniuAnother reviewer said that this book was like having a conversation with an elderly relative that talks about hisher youth without logical timeline with repetitions exxagerations and sometimes hard to follow I agree but unlike the other reviewer I liked it for it There is no plot Long chapters deal with themes of rural life and the characters exploring a Poland that was once Russian then Poland then German occupied and then Poland again At times funny often

  • Ken

    Kamień na kamieniu kindle Ëread Kamień na kamieniuImagine sitting with a great storyteller for over two weeks His mind is full of stories from rural Poland from the war before and after from his adventures as a young wag and an aging but likable man In no time at all one thought strand leads to the next and he jumps He has no problem with time either going back many years and then only a few up to the present and back to wherever Chronologies are for the history books not the storytellersAs you might expect though some stories are riveting than others Some novel some repetitive And if it's recorded in pages as it is in Stone Upon Stone you get over 500 pages of anecdotal which is a heavy load for the province of anecdotes in the country of no plot Still you stick with it There's no denying

  • Trevor

    Kamień na kamieniu kindle Ëread Kamień na kamieniuI should start this review by saying it is completely inadeuate This fine book is a wealth of uiet wisdom that in its simple delivery reminded me of three other favorite books Gilead So Long See You Tomorrow and Stoner Here as in those three we have wide reaching reflection about a life Here our narrator is Szymek Pietruszka who through a back and forth style attempts to add up the pieces of his life as a farmer in rural Poland during the middle half of the twentieth centuryWhen Stone Upon Stone begins much of Pietruszka