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Middle WatchBaby by Dad Joe whom she adores as if he were her real father Unfortunately Joe is away at sea most of the time and Bridie has grown up under the thumb of his mean spirited wife Millie and her two bullying sons The only joy in her life comes from the beautiful coastline near their home and Joe's occasional visits When things come to a head between Bridie and Millie Joe realises he needs to take Bridie and himself away from his poisonous wife He starts a job as a lighthouse keeper at Longships Light Bridie's life is transformed by this new life close to the wild

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☆ Middle Watch PDF / Epub ✩ Author Loretta Proctor – Middle Watch is a time when a man alone on a lighthouse in those wee small hours feels he's the only person in the world A man awake and alone in the darkness of the night has time to think and sometiMiddle Watch PDF Epub Author Loretta Proctor Srl ltdcouk Middle Watch is a time when a man alone on a lighthouse in those wee small hours feels he's the only person in the world A man awake and alone in the darkness of the night has time to think and someti Middle Watch is a time when a man alone on a lighthouse in those wee small hours feels he's the only person in the world A man awake and alone in the darkness of the night has time to think and sometimes those thoughts turn towards revenge and hate Bridie O'Neill was taken in as a

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Cornish seas There she meets the dark brooding Ryan son of the Principal Keeper The two young people fall deeply in love with one another But Joe's family are not ready to let Bridie go She is haunted by the idea that Millie will come after her and Joe's older son Jim is starting to look at Bridie with a most unbrotherly interest Wanting to escape the emotional turmoil and prove herself Bridie sets out on her own to find work in London but her actions set forth a chain of events that will end in tragedy on a lonely lighthouse amongst the crashing waves of the se

doc Ù Middle Watch Writing and book reading are in the blood My great grandad used to travel around Turkey carrying a trunk full of his beloved books and during WW my Dad wrote page letters in French to my Mother from the desert So he might well have got round to a novel or two if he had lived long enough I gave up writing for years but have now resurfaced in my later life and published two books written si.

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  • Rebecca

    doc Ù Middle Watch Middle WatchThis stunning satisfying profoundly moving unforgettable novel reminded me a bit of Du Maurier's Rebecca The protagonist is a young woman we meet in childhood and follow throughout young adulthood Her story is told in first person; like Rebecca there is another shadowy otherworldly character well t

  • Rosemary

    doc Ù Middle Watch Middle WatchThis is not the first book by Loretta Proctor I have read so I began it with pleasureable anticipation and was not disappointed in fact I found this on

  • Stephanie

    doc Ù Middle Watch Middle WatchGreat tale that will make you sad happy and angry at the same time

  • DelSheree

    doc Ù Middle Watch Middle WatchOrphaned by her parents’ deaths that is hardly Bridie O’Neill’s biggest problem The horrible foster mother she ends up with is somewhat balanced by her loving foster father but he is rarely at home leaving Bridie to suffer in silence To Bridie this will always be her life She has accepted that fact So when news comes that Dad Joe has ta

  • Raymond Nickford

    doc Ù Middle Watch Middle WatchFrank unpretentious lucid with the feel almost of a diary yet so carried forward by the fluid style that it reads at a pace The early pages encapsulate so much of the back story without needing to linger or digress at the expense of the narrative so that I felt immediately involved and on board with the candid first person style The facts need no dressing as we witness the emotional distance between the narrator Bridie who has lost her real father to be adopted by the good Dad Joe as she affectionately calls her foster father but who also passes into the hands of Joe's resentful and jealous wife Millie named with something far affection as Mean Millie Millie is consumed with jealousy because Bridie's lov

  • Karen Black

    doc Ù Middle Watch Middle WatchMiddle Watch by Loretta Proctor is a beautifully written family saga with an evocative setting For me this novel was a very cosy read and if it hadn’t been past midnight when I started reading I wouldn’t have been able to put it down I really enjoyed reading the descriptive passages of the places where the heroine lived The history of some glorious English lighthouses and their keepers is also expertly woven in The heroine the orphaned Bridie O’Neill is drawn to these beacons of light from her earliest years and it is she who will ultimately hook the reader The lovely red headed Bridie is raised by lighthouse ke

  • Anna Rossi

    doc Ù Middle Watch Middle WatchI am always drawn to Loretta Proctor's books by the strength of her characters and the emotions they provoke Their presence lingers long after the final page has been devoured Combined with fast moving involving stories in meticulously researched settings the author again and again provides enticing recipes for brilliant novelsHer latest creation Middle Watch is no exception Its heroine Bridie O'Neillwins instant admiration as well as sympathy Her sad childhood due t

  • Gordon Thomas

    doc Ù Middle Watch Middle WatchI thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful story that Loretta Proctor has penned She has the skill of a highly accomplished author in creating characters that the reader can identify with I fell in love with Bridie to the extent that I felt I needed to help her avoid some of the issues she found herself dealing with if only to ease her pain Similarly I strongly disliked Millie who caused Bridie so much misery and led her to try a life away from her and her bullying sons The most cleverly dealt with part of the novel is the love between Bridie and the taciturn Ryan who was in serious competition with Jim for Bridie's affections The resolution was as shocking as it was final Loretta has carefully researched the backdrop to the story a succession

  • Mirella

    doc Ù Middle Watch Middle WatchWhen Bridie is orphaned she is sent to live with her father’s best friend and his wife Although her foster father is a kind loving man but is often away from home for work So Bridie is often left alone with her cruel and abusive foster mother and her two sons For Bridie there is no escape and she lives for the day when she can leave When her foster father learns of Bridie’s abuse he accepts a job as a lighthouse keeper and moves out of the house taking Bridie with him As Bridie happily settles in her new life she sets out to become her own woman As she grows to womanhood she is torn by two young men who both love her – Jim the son of her foster parents and Ryan the son of her new foster mother In this charact

  • Malcolm

    doc Ù Middle Watch Middle WatchAnother extremely well crafted novel from this delightful author Middle Watch captures the idiom and language of the times in delicious narrative In Bridie O'Neill the novel has a central character of depth and warmth whose early troubled life shapes her future and ultimately results in the triangle which she is powerless to resolve A gentle and well plotted story from a writer with a rare talent for creating tangible atmosphere and intelligent strong prose