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FeverOn on the other hand h Their worlds were light years apartSara Nichols was proud to be a painter Her landscapes were catching on and though she wasn't making a fortune she had enough to get byNick Rawdon on the other hand had money than he bothered to count Ow

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Ner of a prestigious bank he moved in glittering circles far beyond those Sara was used toThey seemed to have nothing in common—except a gripping physical attraction But even that was based on Nick's totally wrong idea of the kind of girl that Sara really wa

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➹ [Reading] ➻ Fever By Charlotte Lamb ➮ – Their worlds were light years apartSara Nichols was proud to be a painter Her landscapes were catching on and though she wasn't making a fortune she had enough to get byNick Rawdon on the other hand hReading Fever By Charlotte Lamb Srl ltdcouk Their worlds were light years apartSara Nichols was proud to be a painter Her landscapes were catching on and though she wasn't making a fortune she had enough to get byNick Rawd

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  • Verity

    Download Mobi µ é Charlotte lamb FeverNo luv scenes other than some trademark wince inducing would it kill ya to be gentle kisses Hero's immediately attracted to heroine 1st sight during a party He's a loaded banker she's a landscape painter She's been living w her step bro hero thinks they're lovers Throughout the book he pursues her like there's no other chicks on the planet She doesn't pay attention to him all during the party 'cuz her step bro's on a 1 way street to drunksville She uses her step bro as a barricade against the persistent hero There's a sorta 2ndary romance heroine's step bro suffers from an unreuited luv He's been in luv w their mutual friend who's married to a disabled man He pours his infatuation on to his drawings Heroine eventually tries to convince hero that she step bro only have a living arrangement w no feelings involved other than sisterly luv but he wouldn't believe her It's a nice ultimately sweet lighter fare than the normal CL Hero c

  • StMargarets

    Download Mobi µ é Charlotte lamb FeverPoor smitten banker hero can't take his eyes or his hands off of the beautiful artist that he thinks is living in sin with her artist stepbrother The heroine in order to defend herself from all that hot passion lets him think the worst of her after one

  • Vintage

    Download Mobi µ é Charlotte lamb FeverGenerally speaking I am not good at reading between the lines of a mean HP hero and seeing the heart of a besotted aka obsessed one Not the case here From the minute he sees Sara Nick is obsessed with her He stalks her everywhere but he calls her out for being the rude one when she tells him to leave her aloneWhat’s the problem She lives with her stepbrother and the H thinks they are living together and won’t listen to reason He’s so heavy handed with his seduction the h finally lets him believe it to get him off her back It doesn't work In all fairness it turns out later that their friends think there is something between the twoSara was a fun heroine She succumbed to the pull of lust at times but she also stood up for herself to the hero and other characters and acknowledged she could be a bit of a flirt The hero is a litt

  • SallyB

    Download Mobi µ é Charlotte lamb FeverI gave this one my time because of some of the great reviews I am a fan of old school harleuin but this one did not make the cut for me because of the amount of sexual harassment and abuse involved I just don't see a HEA for this couple like ten years down the roada murder suicide or a jumpy shadow of a wife with an asshat for a husbandIn the story I cringed every time hH came in contact Every scene between H and h my thought is please don't grab her armplease don't grab her arm Yep Without fail every scene he had a bruising grip on some part of her person Even the end where he is confessing his love very persuasive and grabby Now tell me that isn't a sign of future domestic abuse And the characters had no development as a couple It was tongue down each other's throats then the big I love you No Mary Burchell this one

  • Leona

    Download Mobi µ é Charlotte lamb FeverThis was a fun read and a bit lighter than some of CL's other books For some it's even their favorite by CL I love the theme of besotted hero but this one didn't uite do it for me The back and forth got a bit tiresome after awhileHero assumes she is living with her stepbrother and also willing and ready with anyone else Yet he can't fight the a

  • Julz

    Download Mobi µ é Charlotte lamb FeverI just love Charlotte Lamb Her heroes are usually so not PC This guy was no exception I could imagine that if he were real being married to him after the hot wore off could get really touchy But hey he was hostile to everyone not just the heroine I had to laugh at the coincidences and all the WTF moments in the story but I enjoyed the little side story with her brother and with the hero's family My overall assessment is that this is a good story if you're not too awfully sensitive to a little verbal abuse and minor threats of violence and want a uick angry read

  • Chrisolu

    Download Mobi µ é Charlotte lamb FeverFever by Charlotte Lamb is one of Lamb's better books The story begins when the heroine Sara Nichols is attending a party with her step brother The hero Nick Rawdon asks someone to introduce the two As they are being introduced the heroine is attempting to keep an eye on her step brother who has a tendency to become drunk and tell their clients what he really thinks of them at these types of shindigs Sara and her stepbrother are both artists while Nick is a businessman Nick is the sort of person who Sara and her stepbrother detest because of his wealth Anyway as they were being introduced Sara kinda didn't give Nick much of her attention Of course this made him want to meet her all the Somehow Nick think

  • Chitra *CJ*

    Download Mobi µ é Charlotte lamb FeverFever is the story of Nick and SaraThe moment Nick the owner of Rawdon bank sees Sara the artistat a party he is smitten She however is concerned about her stepbrother who is drowning his sorrows about his unreuited love for their friend Lucy in alcoholSoon this leads to Nick following cough stalking Sara having misconception about her

  • Azet

    Download Mobi µ é Charlotte lamb FeverCharlotte Lamb has done it againbut this time with a little lighter angstjust a little bitSara Nichols and Nick Rawdon are characters that deeply intruged meand i was so baffled as Nick was furious when Sara barely gave him any attention when they met the first timeI really loved Sara`s character and her relationship with her step brother which Nick thinks he is her loverShe had a bubbly and bright nature and she was a young woman who could easily hide her emotions with her happy maskbut i was surprised that she didn`t see that she had Nick on his knees all the way throughOh how i just love the kiss scenes between themtheir chemistry was superNick are one of Charl

  • Bukola

    Download Mobi µ é Charlotte lamb FeverPraise the LORD somebody Finally a book that has a decent Heroine in it All these hoes in recent Romance novels Lol I can't deal Mehn First of all this book was so funny I loved how Sara was so relaxed and didn't seem moved by Nick While Nick was already going crazy for her LOVED that I feel a guy should earn his spot in your heart before letting him in ok lemme stop taking it personal it's just fiction You can cut the attraction between these two with a knife So much Angst I laughed so much This is a definite must Keep This was my first time reading a book by Charlotte Lamb Loved it Sad that she's no She' was good