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❴Reading❵ ➻ Ferdydurke Author Witold Gombrowicz – In this bitterly funny novel by the renowned Polish author Witold Gombrowicz a writer finds himself tossed into a chaotic world of schoolboys by a diabolical professor who wishes to reduce him to chilReading Ferdydurke Author Witold Gombrowicz Srl ltdcouk In this bitterly funny novel by the renowned Polish author Witold Gombrowicz a writer finds himself tossed into a chaotic world of schoolboys by a diabolical professor who wishes to reduce him to chil In this bitterly funny novel by the renowned Polish author Witold Gombrowicz a writer finds himself tossed into a chaotic world of schoolboys by a diabolical professor who wishes to reduce him to childishness originally published in Poland in Ferdydurke became an instant literary sensation and

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Catapulted the young author to fame Deemed scandalous and subversive by Nazis Stalinists and the Polish Communist regime in turn the novel as well as all of Gombrowicz's other works was officially banned in Poland for decades It has nonetheless remained one of the most influential works of twentieth century European literature Ferdydurke is translated here directly from the Polish for the first time Danuta Borchardt deftly captures Gombrowicz's playful and idiosyncratic style and she allows English speakers to experience fully the masterpiece of a writer whom Milan Kundera descr

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FerdydurkeIbes as one of the great novelists of our century Extravagant brilliant disturbing brave funny wonderful Long live its sublime mockery Susan Sontag from the foreword A masterpiece of European modernism Susan Sontag ushers this new translation into print with a strong and useful foreword calling Gombrowicz's tale 'extravagant brilliant disturbing brave funny wonderful' And it is Publishers Weekly Witold Gombrowicz wrote three other novels Trans Atlantyk Pornografia and Cosmos which together with his plays and his three volume Diary have been translated into than thirty languages

Reader ↠ Ferdydurke ´ Paperback Witold Marian Gombrowicz August in Małoszyce near Kielce Congress Poland Russian Empire – July in Vence near Nice France was a Polish novelist and dramatist His works are characterized by deep psychological analysis a certain sense of paradox and an absurd anti nationalist flavor In he published his first novel Ferdydurke which presented many of his usual themes.

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  • s.penkevich

    Reader ↠ Ferdydurke ´ Paperback Ferdydurke 'There is nothing that the mature hate there is nothing that disgusts them than immaturity' writes Gombrowicz in this comic masterpiece of Polish literature Be prepared to embrace your immaturity as Gombrowicz attacks so called 'maturity' and exposes it as a fraud in this story about an aspiring author who is reduced to back to his childish teenage self before a former professor and brought back to school This first novel of his was banned by the Nazi's and Communist parties for it's stinging criticisms on society and authority Gombrowicz toys with the absurbed as he delivers a hilarious blend of comedy political and social satire literature and psychological critiue and the uestion of identity all while exposing man as an immature beingWhile Gombrowicz is considered a major figure in Polish and Eastern European literature and his first novel Ferdydurke is considered one of his foremost novels it wasn't until the later stages of his career however that Gombrowicz's genius became wi

  • Vit Babenco

    Reader ↠ Ferdydurke ´ Paperback Ferdydurke Ferdydurke is some sort of abracadabra and the novel can be defined as an absurdist abstraction“Mankind is accursed because our existence on this earth does not tolerate any well defined and stable hierarchy everything continually flows spills over moves on everyone must be aware of and be judged by everyone else and the opinions that the ignorant dull and slow witted hold about us are no less important than the opinions of the bright the enlightened the refined This is because man is profoundly dependent on the reflection of himself in another man's soul be it even the soul of an idiot I absolutely disagree with my fellow writers who treat the opinions of the dull witted with an aristocratic haughtiness and declare odi profanum vulgus What a cheap and simplistic way of avoiding reality what a shoddy escape into specious loftiness I maintain on the contrary that the dull and narrow minded they are the urgent and compelling are their opinions just as an ill fitting shoe

  • Jan-Maat

    Reader ↠ Ferdydurke ´ Paperback FerdydurkeGood grief I've got a copy of this somewhere that I must have liberated from a second hand bookshop years ago and which I am fairly sure has long since gone the way of all books although it is hard for me to tell as much of my life is in semi storage to varying degreesAn odd story Not Mloda Polska thanks to the correction in comments but a product of the inter war period A man is taken out of adult life and made to live as a child he is forced to return to school and given foster parents to live with Naturally he is still an adult even though everybody treats him as a child There is an absurd classroom scene in which the star pupil who naturally due to the halo effect is also the most handsome is called upon by the teacher to save

  • Greg

    Reader ↠ Ferdydurke ´ Paperback FerdydurkeI didn't like this book I didn't hate it either If I could have given it two and a half stars I would have I liked the premise Parts of it were interesting and I think I got what he was doing with the work but it just never gelled for me Maybe if I had read it straight through without taking a bit of a break with reading a history book I might have enjoyed it but by about page 200 the whole book felt like work For example I was on the bus and I had the choice between reading this book or starting straight ahead at the darkness through the tinted windows only slightly broken up by passing street lights that illuminated almost nothing for me and I choose the staring straight ahead after reading half a page Reading doesn't usually feel like work to me so that's got to say something Maybe I was just in a staring mood that day Actually fuck it any book that makes me want to stare at nothing rather than read

  • Mike Puma

    Reader ↠ Ferdydurke ´ Paperback FerdydurkeI remember a song from my youth—one we played on record players before households had stereos A time when said record players still had a setting for 78 rpm which is what we had to use to play this tune One of those childhood memories which never really goes away A song that was already old when we started listening to itWe was out in California one time And we wandered lookin’ for a room and this mad hotel And we got upstairs and opened the door and turned on the lights And there on the middle of the bed sat this great big mouse eatin’ a onion and cryin’ like a baby—The Three Flames 1947 here or if you prefer the banned vers

  • Matt

    Reader ↠ Ferdydurke ´ Paperback FerdydurkeFerdydurke appeared in Germany without commentary to explain briefly “what it is about”—thus some critics and readers did not know where to beginI think about the basic assumptions of Ferdydurke regarding criticism and I can endorse them without reservation There are enough innocent works that enter life looking as if they did not know that they would be raped by a thousand idiotic assessmentsTo avoid this kind of assessment I decided to let Witold Gombrowicz speak about Ferdydurke himself Everything you’ll read or have already read in this “review” except for this paragraph and the very last one I lifted from his Diary Forgive me WGIn Ferdydurke two loves fight with each other two strivings the striving for maturity and the striving for eternally rejuvenating immaturity This book is the image of the battle for the maturity of someone who is in love with his own immaturit

  • K.D. Absolutely

    Reader ↠ Ferdydurke ´ Paperback FerdydurkeWitold Gombrowicz 1904 1969 is considered as one of the most important literary figures in Poland Ferdydurke was his first novel and he published this in 1937 when he was 33 years old Two years after its publication Russian invaded Poland and turned it into a communist country Poland subseuently banned this book so Gombrowicz hid in Argentina and France Ferdydurke is a darkly satirical comedy that is considered modernist The main protagonist and the narrator of the story Joey Kawalski is a 30 yo writer His professor hyp

  • Jeff Jackson

    Reader ↠ Ferdydurke ´ Paperback FerdydurkeUnlike PORNOGRAFIA this takes its sweet time revving up but once the motor is cranked FERDYDURKE delivers some bizarro batshit thrills memorabl

  • Nate D

    Reader ↠ Ferdydurke ´ Paperback FerdydurkeComments and reviews on this classic of interwar Polish absurdism seem to oscillate between adoration and ambivalence This actually makes some kind of sense as my own reactions oscillated somewhat between those poles even as I read it Because for all of the rebellious wit and satiric insight on display throughout the novel despite the excellence and me

  • W.D. Clarke

    Reader ↠ Ferdydurke ´ Paperback FerdydurkeI didn't finish it well I did read it it finished me SoNR No RatingA first for me this No Rating And though my index finger twitches on my mouse dying to rate it if it but could but how could it? How can anyone's index finger click on any rating? It almost begs to be given one star cos Oh my GR systematizers how can you I or anyone like or like this book? So one star should work cos not only did I did not like it occur here it is objectively speaking now positively unlikeable and designed to be thus It has been crafted so as to be puerile in its lampooning of puerility infantile in its aping of infantility callow in its critiue of callowness and unbelievably silly in its refusal to refuse unbelievable silliness Go ahead you ass this book commands go ahead and give me one pooping star smack me a good one right in the pupa an untranslatable word—one that invades your readerly space exac