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Las Vegas headlined by Suzanne Somers These are just a few of the stops Lauren Kessler makes on her journey to reverse time from the inside outAt this moment one in three Americans are entering midlife and many are wondering ‘How did I get to be this old?’ Plenty will turn to miracle creams injections fillers and surgery to reverse the hands oftime but Kessler investigates the largely unexplored side of antiaging what it takes to be younger not just look younger Guided by both intense curiousity and h

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CounterclockwiseReading Counterclockwise By Lauren Kessler Srl ltdcouk A bootcamp in Utah in 118 degree heat A raw food diet Hypnotic suggestions A team of crack computer scientists who can age—and de age—a face with the click of a mouse The World Convention on Anti A bootcamp in Utah in degree heat A raw food diet Hypnotic suggestions A team of crack computer scientists who can age—and de age—a face with the click of a mouse The World Convention on Anti Aging Medicine in

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➽ [Reading] ➿ Counterclockwise By Lauren Kessler ➲ – A bootcamp in Utah in 118 degree heat A raw food diet Hypnotic suggestions A team of crack computer scientists who can age—and de age—a face with the click of a mouse The World Convention on Anti Ealthy skepticism a sense of adventure and a sense of humor she investigates America’s youth obsession and decides on a very personal level what to do about it She is at once the careful reporter the immersion journalist the self designated lab rat and a midlife woman who is not interested in being as old as her driver’s license insists she isKessler’s mission isn’t about vanity well maybe a little but about discovering ways to maintain stamina vitality fortitude and creativity right to the very en

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  • Kim Sheehan

    kindle Á Counterclockwise read CounterclockwiseReading this book is like having a long cozy chat with your best friend as long as your best friend is smart inuisitive curious skeptical and just a little bit snarky But what best friend isn't? Kessler investigates all those 'too good to be true' schemes to

  • Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw

    kindle Á Counterclockwise read CounterclockwiseReviewer’s note – I am an independent writer I am also a freelance reviewer On occasion I receive advance copies of books from publishers for review My reviews are based solely on the merits of the book and I receive no remuneration from the publisher or author other than a copy of the book in exchange for posting a review on my blogs Through a contest sponsored on

  • William Crosby

    kindle Á Counterclockwise read CounterclockwiseThe author writes in a breezy style; not uite as sarcastic as Mary Roach but does has some witful critiuesShe provides a counterpoint and commonsense to all the amazing claims of the many variety of anti ager hawkers and huckstersSometimes there are too many irrelevant details added to all of the author's encounters one example would be her going on and on about the art gallery look of a doctor's officeStill she give a fairly comprehensive and understandable look at various anti aging strategies including various bewaresShe definitely personalizes her research she has either investigated andor participated in many of t

  • W

    kindle Á Counterclockwise read CounterclockwiseI love this book Lauren Kessler is one of my favorite authors She won me over with Dancing with Rose Finding Life in the Land of Alzheimer'sKessler makes the difficult subject of

  • Angela Risner

    kindle Á Counterclockwise read CounterclockwiseThis is the first book by Lauren Kessler I've read Kessler spends a year trying to turn back time cue Cher or don't as it's all auto tune and I can't take it I can relate At 41 I am definitely interested in staying healthy and active I am not interested in living into my golden years if they are going to be full of illness and someone else wiping me I know I can't predict the future but there are things I CAN control now to make my later years robust As of yet I haven't had to worry about the looking older part as I have a baby face and look much younger than I am I am not sure what I will do when that does happen but it's nice to know what the options are even if I never use themKessler explores everything from botox to mitochondrial testing from supplements to VO2 output It's a lot of research and science but written in an accessible way What it comes down to is You need to exercise Study after study after study shows that on

  • Bonnie Fazio

    kindle Á Counterclockwise read CounterclockwiseVery enjoyable and informative how to How to live better; how to avoid the pitfalls associated with aging; how to be healthier; how to pro

  • Justin

    kindle Á Counterclockwise read CounterclockwiseSeemed mostly centered on physical appearance of health rather than actual healthThe supplements chapter was very useful

  • Maraezimmerman

    kindle Á Counterclockwise read CounterclockwiseI really enjoyed this story of the author's year long uest into the world of anti aging Throughout the year the author does research visits labs talks with scientists and implements suggestion to fight every aspect of aging everything from commonly tried ideas like eating superfoods and experimenting with dietary supplements to things I've never thought about like muscles and mitochondria In particular the author repeatedly notes throughout the book the effects of lifestyle on aging noting that how uickly we age is determined 70% by our own choices One of the strongest points of the book is that it pulls

  • Elizabeth

    kindle Á Counterclockwise read CounterclockwiseI enjoyed reading this book it was both informative and entertaining I learned a few things with information not being oversimplified too much What I can not get over though why is there no source list of any type??? Throughout the book there are plenty of sources described using author names names of journals dates locations etc From what I could tell Kessler provides plenty of information on the sources within the text and they we're often good peer reviewed studies and papers but there were no citations of any kind or style not even footnotes There is no source list in the back For me this undermines the purpose and value of the book Without sources for the huge amount of information described the author's intention could not have been for anything beyond thought provoking entertainment Or she thinks readers are gullible and will believe anything pr

  • Becky

    kindle Á Counterclockwise read CounterclockwiseRather humorous account of the author’s uest to verify or at least research the various anti aging claims touted by media celebrities etc I was impressed with the author’s common sense attitude a well as her funny descriptions of her experiences I’m not so much interested in preventing age in my own appearance as in extending my vitality mind strength and these areas specifically an emphasis on exercise nutrition were also discussed in the book References were included