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[Reading] ➺ Since You Asked By Maurene Goo – Srl-ltd.co.uk A humorous debut novel about a Korean American teenager who accidentally lands her own column in her high school newspaper and proceeds to rant her way through the school year while struggling to recoReading Since You Asked By Maurene Goo Srl ltdcouk A humorous debut novel about a Korean American teenager who accidentally lands her own column in her high school n

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Ewspaper and proceeds to rant her way through the school year while struggling to reco A humorous debut novel about a Korean American teenager who accidentally lands her own column in h

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Since You AskedEr high school newspaper and proceeds to rant her way through the school year while struggling to reconcile the traditional Korean values of her parents with contemporary American cultur

ePub Ú Since You Asked Maurene Goo grew is the author of several acclaimed young adult novels including I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE and THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and cat Maeby.

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  • CeJayCe

    ePub Ú Since You Asked Since You AskedFlat Disappointing Annoying PASSHolly is a stuck up whiny stereotypical teenage brat She thinks she knows everything everyone else is so lame her parents are the worst people to ever undertake the task of parenting and high school totally sucks Holly fulfills every aspect of the teenage girl stereotype It was so impossible to have sympathy for her as she complained about going to Las Vegas for Christmas and whined about being given money to buy her own Christmas presents Her dialogue wasn't the least bit believable Every other sentence ended in an exclamation point giving me the impression that she screamed all the time As far as her column goeswho the hell are we kidding Maybe 10% of the book focused on Holly's role with the whole school newspaper thing And the columns were not only stupid but she used them lik

  • Cori Reed

    ePub Ú Since You Asked Since You AskedLet me preface by saying this book was pretty fun Sadly it suffered from a really bad case of terrible writing Not only was the plot itself incredibly disjointed it contains a lot of multiple exclamation marks among many othor odd editing choicesI am definitely still interested in reading from Maurene Goo as I have high hopes her subseuent books have improved

  • Lisseth (Read-a-holicZ)

    ePub Ú Since You Asked Since You AskedORIGINALLY ON READ A HOLICZ HERE45 Stars Since You Asked was Laugh Out Loud HILARIOUS entertaining and enchanting book It's full of great characters friendship family and a girl who needs to answer our uestions one sarcastic realistic column at a time ; When I heard about Since You Asked I was already sold on reading it Why Korean girl never read about a girl in a Korean family whom lands a newspaper column by accident Yeah I want to read and it said it was humorous you know i love a good laugh I remember the reading the first page and literally spitting out in laughter I woke my sister up but I had to read it to her so we could both laughGIRLS mom hollered fr

  • Cintia

    ePub Ú Since You Asked Since You AskedThis book is definitely one of the stupidest most pointless pieces of nonsense I’ve ever read FULL SPOILERY REVIEW

  • Book Riot Community

    ePub Ú Since You Asked Since You AskedThis hilarious YA novel follows fifteen year old Holly a Korean American girl trying to navigate her friends’ laid back attitudes and her traditional parents’ expect

  • Amy

    ePub Ú Since You Asked Since You AskedI needed something seriously good to break my streak of 1 star reads I mean four 1 stars in a row Ugh and this book was it Objectively I know it isn't 5 star material Especially initially I was pretty set on 2 stars It really feels like the author's first book and not in a good way But I absolutely love Maurene Goo She could probably write an encyclopedia entry and I'd love it And in the end I absolutely loved the last three fourths of this book So entirely subjectively 5 stars because this book made me laugh and smile and giggle and in general just feelhappy This is why I read YA I love this book for the snarky heroine the tight friend group and the lack of any overarching plot I know that sounds weird but it goes to why this book charmed me so much It relies on day to day month to month scenes that seem to go nowhere in the sense that they don't tie in much by the end and yet somehow tell a cohesive story For example the heroine goes to a ballet class in one chapter

  • Amber

    ePub Ú Since You Asked Since You AskedWhen Holly Kim copyeditor for her high school newspaper accidentally submits an article full of her honest opinions about her high school she gets her own column instead of punishment Holly rants and raves about what bothers her and tries to find balance between being known for speaking her mind keeping her Korean family’s values and trying to survive high schoolI had really high hopes for this bookI thought the cover and title were cute I loved the premise Scholastic Inc published it It had all the great makings of a great readYeah not so muchThe characters were all well caricatures They were all annoying and over the top All of the dialogue felt forced or unnecessary Holly Kim the main character is barely likeable The book reads like someone in middle school wrote it I am honestly surprised it was publishedI kept reading hoping it wo

  • Christine

    ePub Ú Since You Asked Since You AskedI received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewWhen was the last time you read a laugh out loud can't stop reading contemporary YA about a rebellious teenager living in a very traditional home I thought about that after I read SINCE YOU ASKED It literally has been years since I've read a book that has made me laugh as hard as this book hasThe summary on the book does a pretty awesome job at telling you what this is about Holly is a hysterically sarcastic teenager just trying to survive her sopho year of high school and survive living with her very traditional no nonsense mother What started off as a way to pass the time Holly now has a column in the newspaper where she goes on and on about what is wrong with teenagers these days She covers everything fro

  • Lilly

    ePub Ú Since You Asked Since You AskedSmart funny well written YA that kept me an adult with a life hooked from start to finish The author perfectly captures the high school experience let's be honest many try most fail The highs the lows the stereotypes and the unexpected surprises that make it such a fun time in life Holly is a great protagonist; for me her witty columns are a highlight of the book and modestly showcase Goo's great talent So impressed that this is a debut

  • Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~

    ePub Ú Since You Asked Since You AskedHolly Kim is just an average teenager Except her mom and dad are Korean She is trying hard to adjust to her strange Korean ideals and still being American I could relate a lot to Holly Kim I feel like I struggle to fit in and I don't really fit into a certain group I have great friends don't get me wrong but I am not exactly what others would classify them as if that makes any sense My parents are Pakistani so I can completely understand how Holly feels about strange ideals and practices Holly is very anti stereotype She hates the 'popular' people and thinks dances proms etc are all too corny I loved this book because I could see myself in Holly and I think we all have a bit of Holly Kim in us