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[BOOKS] ⚣ Rebel Music By Hisham D. Aidi – Srl-ltd.co.uk In this timely revelatory study Hisham Aidi examines the secular and religious movements that have recently emerged among Muslim youth in the west as a means of protest against the policies of the “BOOKS Rebel Music By Hisham D Aidi Srl ltdcouk In this timely revelatory study Hisham Aidi examines the secular and religious movements that have recently emerged among Muslim youth in the west as a means of protest against the policies of the “ In this timely revelatory study Hisham Aid

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I examines the secular and religious movements that have recently emerged among Muslim youth in the west as a means of protest against the policies of the “War on Terror” He interviews artists and activists and reports from music festivals and concerts He explains how certain kinds of music—particularl

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Rebel MusicY hip hop but also jazz Gnawa Andalusian Judeo Arabic Latin and others—have come to represent a heightened racial identity and a Muslim consciousness that crisscrosses the globe He describes how Western governments—particularly the US and England—use music in an attempt to deradicalize Muslim youth abroad

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  • Andrew Dombrowski

    text ☆ Rebel Music Rebel MusicThis was an absolutely phenomenal book that went way beyond what I expected I picked up this book expecting a somewhat scholarly travelogueoutline of Islam in hip hop in the USA France and UK a brief discussion of rai and Junoon framed by a workmanlike presentation of the history of the Muslim diaspora in Europe along with

  • Murtaza

    text ☆ Rebel Music Rebel MusicThis book accomplishes the rare feat of being both thoroughly academic and thoroughly well written and engaging The author traces the nexus of post colonialism pan Africanism diasporic Muslim youth movements and various forms of inherently politicized music forms in the world today It is painstakingly researched and is clearly the result of years of both fieldwork and academic studyTo me the most engaging aspects of the story were the opening chapte

  • Nicole Means

    text ☆ Rebel Music Rebel MusicNever underestimate the power of music and its ability to bond people In Rebel Music Hisham Aidi explores the cultural and historical connections that Jews Muslims North Africans and African Americans viewed through the lens of music Rebel City provides a rich historical geographical anthropological and sociological context of the role music plays in the

  • Rob S

    text ☆ Rebel Music Rebel Music Rebel Music Race Empire and the New Muslim Youth Culture covers a lot of ground and a large variety of topics in under 350 pages Author Hisham Aidi deserves credit for trying to fit so much about Muslim youth culture music race etc all within the confines of this book The book examines these topics both from a pre 911 viewpoint and post 911 viewpoint It also offers what has changed and how has changed since that fateful day Unfortunately Aidi could have used a better editor and the book itself could have been presented far betterT

  • Byron

    text ☆ Rebel Music Rebel MusicI figured this might be your typical BS nonfiction book a magazine article about Muslim kids listening to rap music expanded out to book length I couldn't have been wrong both for better and for worseRebel Music is than anyone needs to know about Muslim youth culture including people studying for a PhD in the subject It spans both centuries and continents sometimes seemingly in the space of a single paragraphIt assumes you already know uite a bit about Islam and what have you I consider myself a reasonably well read person and it's filled with jargon and references that I wasn't familiar with including a lot of Arabic and French wordsAnd it's constantly off on another topic before you've had a chance to wrap your head around what was just discussed At a certain point you just have to take it for granted that there's no way you can know everything written in this book just from reading it once You could study this

  • Alexander

    text ☆ Rebel Music Rebel MusicIt covers a lot of ground too much which knocked it down a notch but Rebel Music is nonetheless an important and fascinating effort to chart the role of global Islam and African American Islam in contemporary popular music That doesn't do the book justice however since it spends a great deal of time addressing American and European foreign policy and domestic immigration policies But those prove crucial to the story of music and resistance that accompanies the spread of Islam into Western Europe and North America The book is a first draft of

  • Mythili

    text ☆ Rebel Music Rebel MusicThere's a lot of good stuff in this book but it's all in a jumble Aidi skips around gets sidetracked and weaves together dozens of small arguments and observations instead of highlighting a few big themes If you have the pat

  • Jason Hebert

    text ☆ Rebel Music Rebel MusicThis is a fascinating examination Muslim and African American history in the United States and its relationship to music This provided an intriguing view of American history that I had never been exposed to However this book would have been greatly improved by a ordered presentation; it became very confusing as it jumped between places and times

  • Kathryn Turner

    text ☆ Rebel Music Rebel MusicThis is a brilliant dense meandering and fascinating study in globalization and music subcultures Hisham Aidi’s expertise is incredible and I freuently found myself out of my depth with references to artists albums historical events and words and phrases in Arabic French Portuguese and scattered left and right The book loses a star from me because it’s a bit reparative at times and the focus is so far ranging and spread I sometimes struggled to follow its arc but once you settle in and let Aidi explain the connections it

  • Equal Opportunity Reader

    text ☆ Rebel Music Rebel MusicIt is really hard to try and write a concise review of Rebel Music simply because there’s so much to talk about So I'm not going to try here on Goodreads If you want a in depth review try my blog at In contrast to the polemics of a lot of popular writing about Islam Aidi instead takes us on a cultural tour of music in and of the Muslim world It’s a vast and intricate experience with lots of stops along the waySome of those stops–the US the UK France Turkey and of course North Africa and the Middle East–are familiar and expected Others–Poland Belgium Brazil–are full of surprises All along the way Aidi interweaves threa