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[Ebook] ➨ Fallout Author Gwenda Bond – Srl-ltd.co.uk Lois Lane is starting a new life in Metropolis An Army brat Lois has lived all over—and seen all kinds of things Some of them defy explanation like the near disaster she witnessed in Kansas in the mErable for another girl at school They’re messing with her mind somehow via the high tech immersive videogame they all play Not cool Armed with her wit and her new snazzy job as a reporter Lois has her sights set on solving this mystery But sometimes it’s all a bit much Thank goodness for her maybe than a friend a guy she knows only by his screenname SmallvilleGu

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Nds of things Some of them defy explanation like the near disaster she witnessed in Kansas in the middle of one night But now her family is putting down roots in the big city and Lois is determined to fit in Stay uiet Fly straight As soon as she steps into her new high school though she can see it won’t be that easy A group known as the Warheads is making life mis

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FalloutEbook Fallout Author Gwenda Bond Srl ltdcouk Lois Lane is starting a new life in Metropolis An Army brat Lois has lived all over—and seen all kinds of things Some of them defy explanation like the near disaster she witnessed in Kansas in the m Lois Lane is starting a new life in Metropolis An Army brat Lois has lived all over—and seen all ki

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  • Cristina Monica

    Fallout Book ÂÆ Srlltd FalloutI’m so disappointed I wasn’t familiar with the character Lois Lane before starting this book but I did hear something about her being Superman’s ally And so I read this because I was extremely curious to read a novel – and not a comic boo

  • Ashley

    Fallout Book ÂÆ Srlltd FalloutSo on the BatmanSuperman divide spectrum whatever you want to call it I’m on the side of the Man in Blue Have been since the fifth grade when Lois Clark was my favorite TV show and my mom let me put Superman’s shield on my retainer Also the dark and broody thing has never really done it for me I’m pretty much in agreement with John Green on this matter “Batman is just a rich guy with an affinity for bats who is playing out his insane fantasy of single handedly ridding Gotham of crime” I’ve read a smattering of Superman comics over the years but I’ve always preferred the filmed versions over the comics Give me Christopher Reeve Brandon Routh Dean Cain or Tom Welling any dayYeah I’m one of those “non comics readers” Superhero comics overwhelm me Deal with itBut as much as I love that thick necked tight panty wearing honorable musk ox o

  • Nicky

    Fallout Book ÂÆ Srlltd FalloutReceived to review via Maximum PopGwenda Bond was on Strange Chemistry’s roster of authors superhero novels are a thing I enjoy and making the female supporting characters like Lois Lane the star of the story is 100% my thing so I was uite intrigued by this and glad to win it for review Before reading it I was a little surprised to see people complaining that it doesn’t contain of SupermanClark Kent I mean the title says Lois Lane What did you expect I’m baffled After reading it I feel even so — one Clark’s a reasonably big figure in the story

  • Kelly

    Fallout Book ÂÆ Srlltd FalloutLois Lane Army brat misfit do gooder and newest student at East Metropolis high school Since her dad reuested a permanent assignment Lois has to make it work here No sticking her nose where it doesn't belong no causing trouble and no unnecessary attention Did you really create a noxious cloud that caused the evacuation of your school in OhioAlso make a friend Lois already

  • C.B. Cook

    Fallout Book ÂÆ Srlltd FalloutWHY HELLO THERE LOIS LANE I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE SO AWESOMEThis book caught me by surprise At the beginning it lagged a little and I was unsure of whether or not I'd like it but holy cow it came back and surprised me My only complaints It was a little dark in some spots and some of the video game stuff was confusing Also Lois doesn't show much respect to her father deliberately going against his will But it was a terrific adventure and it kept me on the edge of my seat I'm looking forward to SmallvilleGuy in the seuel wink wink

  • Maya

    Fallout Book ÂÆ Srlltd FalloutA friend won an uncorrected proof of “Fallout” from Switch Press and he was kind enough to let me borrow it I began Fallout with a mixture of excitement and trepidation I love Lois Lane and I was really worried the book wouldn’t capture the Lois I see in my head To give some context I love how Mark Waid wrote her in Birthright and how Kurt Busiek wrote her during his Superman run I also thought Smallville TV and Bryan Miller’s comic book did a good job with the character even given the tv show’s uneven run So I wondered if this was a case of be careful for what I wish for and was I going to uietly cancel my pre order Me of little faith My fears were groundless Fallout exceeds everything I hoped it would be Bond

  • NaTaya Hastings

    Fallout Book ÂÆ Srlltd FalloutI absolutely loved this book I read an uncorrected proof copy so there were a few errors but I am sure those will be fixed before actual publication But the book was AMAZING Lois Lane is and always has been one of my greatest heroes And this book definitely did the teenage Lois justice In fact she is pretty perfect I also love how the author incorporates Clark Kent into the story in such a way that he is important to the story but he is still secondary to Lane's character A lot of times trying to write a story told from the point of view of another character from a story as popular as the Superman mythos the central character being written about lose

  • Rincey

    Fallout Book ÂÆ Srlltd Fallout35 stars Really fun book totally enjoyed it

  • Keith Bowden

    Fallout Book ÂÆ Srlltd FalloutSpoiler Free ImpressionsI love this book I read an uncorrected publisher's proof and I'm looking forward to reading it again correctedtweakedexpanded when the book is releasedGwenda Bond definitely knows and gets Lois Lane There are subtle nods to Lois in some prior media depictions but not in a wink wink nudge nudge way save one very sweet homage to Smallville this Lois stands on her own with friends with purpose Further as an entry in the YA genre it's as thrilling as anything else but it's also a damn sight brighter than it's dystopian cousins that have the spotlights I wanted to cheer out loud at the climax but didn't because I was

  • Colette

    Fallout Book ÂÆ Srlltd FalloutLoved all the characters and the idea of the story My only negative came from the sometimes confusing plot points Occasionally I had to re read parts of the novel to make sense of all the details Overall 45 stars; I'm looking forward to the next book