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Spend empty summer days bouncing between unfulfilling jobs the beach and their favorite local bar The Shamrock It’s there that a chance encounter with a movie star on the last night of his life changes everything Passing through Orlando Sam Decker comes to The Shamrock seeking anonymity but finds Maggie Lindsey and Nina instead Obsessed with celebrity magazines that allow them a taste of the better lives they might have had the girls revel in his company But the appearance of Lila the estranged former member of the girls’ group turns the focus to their shared history bringing all their old antagonisms to the surface—Lila’s defect

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Local GirlsReading Local Girls Author Caroline Zancan Srl ltdcouk The first person to break your heart isn’t always your boyfriend Sometimes it’s your best friend Maggie Lindsey and Nina have been friends for most of their lives The girls grew up together in a d The first person to break your heart isn’t always your boyfriend Sometimes it’s your best friend Maggie Lindsey and Nina have been friends for most of their lives The girls grew up together in a dead end Florida town on the outskirts of Orlando and the love and loyalty they have for one another have been their only constants Now nineteen and restless the girls

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[Reading] ➶ Local Girls Author Caroline Zancan – Srl-ltd.co.uk The first person to break your heart isn’t always your boyfriend Sometimes it’s your best friend Maggie Lindsey and Nina have been friends for most of their lives The girls grew up together in a dIon to Orlando’s country club school when her father came into some money and the strange enchanting boy she brought into their circle who fundamentally altered dynamics that had been in play for years By the night’s end the escalation of these long buried issues forces them to see one another as the women they are now instead of the girls they used to be With an uncanny eye for the raw edges of what it means to be a girl and a heartfelt sense of the intensity of early friendship Local Girls is a look at both the profound role celebrity plays in our culture and how the people we know as girls end up changing the course of our lives

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  • karen

    TEXT ↠ READER Local Girls Local Girls We were burnouts in a burnout town It took half the length of a Sam Decker movie to get to Orlando from where we lived and even the city was a four year old's dream not a nineteen year old's The high school that we had gone to was not the type whose graduates went on to Ivy Leagues or first or second or even third tier liberal arts colleges There was a community college in town where some of our classmates floundered and delayed having to look for jobs that paid by the hour a

  • Jessica Woodbury

    TEXT ↠ READER Local Girls Local GirlsChosen from Book of the Month clubTo me this was a clear case of story not matching style Zancan's prose is lyrical long and meditative But the story of Maggie Lindsey and Nina isn't like that at all Sure a few small town girls deserve to have their story told but there's such a disconnect between their story and the way they talk and act It just feels like the wrong person is telling itAt ti

  • Bonnie

    TEXT ↠ READER Local Girls Local Girls ‘We loved one another purely without the complications teenage girls so often bring to everything But I wouldn’t be telling it right if I didn’t also tell you that it felt by that night that a sense of uneasy anticipation filled any room the three of us were in’ Local Girls centers around the lives of three girls that have become reluctantly resigned to a monotonous life in their small hometown that sits on the outskirts of Orlando Florida Their jobs are ultimately unsatisfying and are only kept as a necessity since the majority of their t

  • Judith

    TEXT ↠ READER Local Girls Local GirlsAn interesting premise 3 friends 19 year old girls hanging out in a bar in the outskirts of Orlando meet a celebrity Sam Decker who has come to Orlando and just happened into this dumpy bar Every girl's dream come true Which of these facts do you find too hard to swallow that the owner cares so little about his livelihood that he always serves these girls alcohol knowing full well that they are 2 years under the legal limit; that a movie star comes into a dumpy little hole in the wall by himself; that this bar has no air conditioning remember this is inland not on the water in AUGUST in Florida; that the movie star is wearing a bomber ja

  • Book Riot Community

    TEXT ↠ READER Local Girls Local GirlsAh best friends Best friends can talk without talking they've got your back and they really get you That's why they're also the ones that can hurt you the most Maggie Li

  • Blair

    TEXT ↠ READER Local Girls Local GirlsSo this wasn't in my reading plan at all But since I watched the Amy Winehouse documentary I haven't been able to read or watch or listen to anything demanding or emotionally complex and I really didn't have the energy to read any of any of the books I already had on the go and so I decided to give a YA novel a whirlI'm only really adding this to my shelves at all because I'm convinced it's the result of the author using Lana Del Rey's 'This Is What Makes Us Girls' as a writing promptThis new breed of YA novels that seem to be written with the descriptor 'lyrical' in mind that always have some elegaic or nostalgic uality to them that boosts their appeal to older readers they invariably lure me in with a brilliant opening and then they just drop off The prologue of this book was excellent After that I

  • ❤️

    TEXT ↠ READER Local Girls Local GirlsThe girls in this book aside from Nina were often hard for me to distinguish between I think sometimes the author tried too hard to sound cool and it ended up taking away from the individual voices of her characters because they ended up all sounding exactly the same Overall though it was a somewhat enjoyable read and glimpse into young female friendship and what it's like for us girls when we find ourselves at the crossroads of being little girls and diving headfirst into womanhood

  • Cups and Thoughts

    TEXT ↠ READER Local Girls Local GirlsThis book centers around three girls on their usual hang out during a Saturday night at a bar except that night happens to outweigh the others in particular due to the fact that they bumped into their all time favorite celebrity Sam Decker changing th

  • Kelly Hager

    TEXT ↠ READER Local Girls Local GirlsThis book is a bit of a slow burn We know something bad happens and that something bad HAS happened but a lot of those things as well as why are kept secret from the reader for most of the bookThe book goes back and forth between the girls' night with movie star Sam Decker and to sometime in the past explaining why there are only three friends now instead of fou

  • Meghan

    TEXT ↠ READER Local Girls Local GirlsLiterary New Adult fiction about a group of girls in a working class Florida neighborhood It takes place the year after they graduate high school none of them have gone to college and they are stuck in their town and defiant about it gathering at a favorite local bar most nights Written in second person this book is mostly about small group