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❰Reading❯ ➿ Midway Author Nathan Robinson – Srl-ltd.co.uk Sam Berlitz is alone His boat and crew are missing leaving him stranded halfway across the Atlantic Ocean He has no food no water and no means to stay afloat Beneath the surface something lurks followReading Midway Author Nathan Robinson Srl ltdcouk Sam Berlitz is alone His boat and crew are missing leaving him stranded halfway across the Atlantic Ocean He has no

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S no food no water and no means to stay afloat Beneath the surface something lurks following his every move Night is coming and hope is fading Sam Berlitz isn’t alone No man is alone in the ocean

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MidwayFood no water and no means to stay afloat Beneath the surface something lurks follow Sam Berlitz is alone His boat and crew are missing leaving him stranded halfway across the Atlantic Ocean He ha

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  • Bandit

    Midway reader ↠ text MidwayNathan Robinson redefining seafood Just when you thought it was safe to go into the wateror something like that the pun possibilities are aplenty Robinson has never disappointed so no surprise to find out he can do a mean sea monster story as well It takes some talent to make a practically one man and not even particularly likable at that possibly due to his age 21 year olds are seldom likeable story compelling and exciting and this survival tale is definitely a one sitting don't want to put it down sort of read The profound claustrophobia of an ocean at night aloneand the of course sometimes the only thing scarier than being alone is finding out that you aren't This is a thriller that's actually thrills although horror fans might argue with the title Really fun creature feature Recommended

  • The Grim Reader

    Midway reader ↠ text MidwaySevered Press release some really great stuff; and this hear is no exception Sam Berlitz treads water alone in the middle of the Atlantic ocean after the sudden disappearance of his boat and fellow crew members The tension builds throughout the first part of the story as Sam is left alone with only his thoughts for company The second part of the book is superb when the mysterious black ink like object starts to wreak havoc

  • Natasa

    Midway reader ↠ text MidwayI received a free copy from the author in exchange for my honest review; considering I write horrible reviews I would rather call this my honest opinion I loved the book from the start Just the idea to swim across Atlantic is so frightening that it immediately put me into a jumpy mood without even reading any pages yet it reminded me of the summer season that's creeping up to my back and how I hate any depths when I go swimming into the seaso thanks dear Mr author I'll probably skip swimming this summer lolI loved all the details about the competition probably since I know so little about swimming or any sport in general I can say I came out at the end with uite a few bits of knowledge wealthier It made me wonder if the author is a swimmer himselfI loved how well he described the inne

  • Craig Addison

    Midway reader ↠ text MidwayTerror Just pure unbridled terrorNathan has done it again He tapped into my basest fear and gently lulled me into a false sense of security before unashamedly destroying my little bubble of security I hid in whilst devouring this bookGreat pace Great character Given the fact that the two main focal points of the book are a person and the ocean it is testament to the skill of the author that this book has so much depth especially when you consider it is a shorter storyI thoroughly recommend this read and I am extremely thankful I didn't read this before snorkelling on holiday

  • Robert

    Midway reader ↠ text MidwayDo you like deep sea terror If you do this book has just what you are looking for Nothing is terrifying than being stranded out in the middle of the oceanor is there I highly recommend this book to everyone It kept me turning pages all the way to the end The book was well written and should be enjoyed by all

  • Paul Tokarski

    Midway reader ↠ text Midwaystruggling being alone in the ocean a fantastic story as you read his thoughts life as he struggles to survive

  • David Watson

    Midway reader ↠ text MidwaySam Berlitz wanted to prove he could do the impossible He joined a British long distance swim team and is in the process of swimming across the Atlantic Ocean Each member of the team takes a turn in the ocean while the rest stay on the ship On Sam’s latest turn he looks up from his swimming and is surprised to see that his ship and teammates have disappeared without a trace He is now alone in the ocean without food or fresh water Or is he Something large is stalking him in the water and Sam can’t escape it Sam slowly starts to lose his sanity as he realizes that he will soon become dinner to whatever creature lurks in the ocean belowMidway by Nathan Robinson is a thriller about survival in a desperate situation This book is a journey into a man’s mind as he realizes that he has little hope for a happy ending He thinks of things such as who will attend his

  • Robert

    Midway reader ↠ text MidwayI was lucky enough to meet the author and pick up a signed copy of this at Edgelit 5I read the blurb but otherwise went in blindThe premise of the story is simple by fate a man is left alone in teh sea in the middle of the Atlantic OceanAs the story is novella length it gets to it straight awayThe pacing was really even though not necessarily rapid The length was perfect for a story which focussed on one pov character that is alone or is he for the majority of the storyI don't really want to spoil the plot so i'll skirt around thatWhat attracted me to the story was some of my pre conceptions of the theme I anticipated that the story would fall along the lines of 'a man left alone with no means of rescue dwindling resources and unknown danger all around' I was not disappointedI was unsure whether I would be getting a physical or a psychological horror but the author manages to tick both boxes than adeuatelyI wasn't particularly drawn to the protagonist He was not particularly re

  • Kayleigh Marie Marie

    Midway reader ↠ text MidwayYet another brilliant story from Nathan Robinson Has a creepy Stephen King vibe to it which is the highest of praise from me an unyielding King fanThe struggles of isolation are captured really well in this story The tension is so good that he probably could have pulled it off without the monster element but the monster is amazing so I'm glad he used itHighly recommend D

  • Darby

    Midway reader ↠ text MidwayOkWas an interesting story but was far too descriptive for me and sounded like a deep sea rip off from the Tales from the Crypt 2 movieSorry just one mans opinion