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☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Booked By Kwame Alexander ✎ – Srl-ltd.co.uk National Book Award Long List New York Times Bestseller  Like lightningyou strikefast and freelegs zoomdown fieldeyes fixedon the checkered ballon the goalten yards to gocan’t nobody stop you canPDF Epub Booked By Kwame Alexander Srl ltdcouk National Book Award Long List New York Times Bestseller  Like lightningyou strikefast and freelegs zoomdown fieldeyes fixedon the checkered ballon the goalten yards to gocan’t nobody stop you can National Book Award Long List New York Times Bestseller  Like lightningy

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Ou strikefast and freelegs zoomdown fieldeyes fixedon the checkered ballon the goalten yards to gocan’t nobody stop you can’t nobody cop youIn this follow up to the Newbery winning novel THE CROSSOVER  soccer family love and friendship take center stage as twelve year old Nick learns the power of words as he wrestles with problems at home stands up to

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BookedA bully and tries to impress the girl of his dreams Helping him along are his best friend and sometimes teammate Coby and The Mac a rapping librarian who gives Nick inspiring books to read  This electric and heartfelt novel in verse by poet Kwame Alexander bends and breaks as it captures all the thrills and setbacks action and emotion of a World Cup matc

ebook æ Booked Ïread ✓ srlltd Kwame Alexander is a poet educator and New York Times Bestselling author of books including The Crossover which received the John Newbery Medal for the Most Distinguished Contribution to American literature for Children the Coretta Scott King Author Award Honor The NCTE Charlotte Huck Honor the Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award and the Passaic Poetry Prize Kwame writes for children.

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  • Brina

    ebook æ Booked Ïread ✓ srlltd BookedKwame Alexander on the heels of his award winning Crossover has wowed his readers again with Booked an eually poetic tale about sports as the backdrop for teenaged angst In Booked Alexander presents the reader with Nick Hall a gifted student and soccer player who is coping with his parents' recent divorce Through his poetry in motion Alexander brings u

  • Cheri

    ebook æ Booked Ïread ✓ srlltd BookedKwame Alexander writes poetry as in “BOOKED” and children’s fiction He won a Newbery Medal in 2015 for his book “The Crossover” Reading “BOOKED” it’s easy to see why You’d likely think this is written by a teenager The emotions concerns viewpoints all seem to point to that conclusionPoems about parents and what a pain they can be homework ugh awful teachers not so awful teachers girls other boys soccer lots of soccer and divorce and a mom moving to another place far away Two of my favouritesThoughtIt does not takea math geniusto understand thatwhen you subtracta motherfrom the euationwhat remainsis negativeOut of the Dustis a storyabout a lankypiano playing girlnamed Billie Jowhose motheris gonewhose father’s heartand soulare disappearinginto the dustthat blanketstheir Oklahoma tow

  • Book Riot Community

    ebook æ Booked Ïread ✓ srlltd BookedI really loved Alexander’s award winning novel The Crossover a story about twins that excel at basketball but have to navigate high school and homelife Like The Crosso

  • Shannon (leaninglights)

    ebook æ Booked Ïread ✓ srlltd BookedWhat a fun ride I liked that this book was totally middle grade but still tackled real issues like divorce bullying etc in a funny yet insightful way

  • Kristen

    ebook æ Booked Ïread ✓ srlltd BookedWarning This review is really just going to be me gushing profusely at the awesomeness that is this bookLOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEI loved Crossover and have since pushed it into the hands of nearly every student who enters my libraryand I will now be doing the same with Booked It has the same overall feel of Crossover some poems feel like rap some like water some like a punch in the gut Various rhyme schemes poetry types and even narrative perspectives help make this book amazingOther things I loved about this book WORDS so many great words and definitions sprinkled throughout BOOKS books I love are referenced like All the Broken Pieces which USED to be my favorite verse novel until I discovered Kwame Alexander as are books I taught i

  • Joe

    ebook æ Booked Ïread ✓ srlltd BookedI'm really torn about this one It starts off so strong So very very strong The poetry is amazing Alexander seamlessly blends style and meter and rhythm and the result is infectious I was 100% in love with the book but then it sort of crashed for me It started with some weird dings that didn't work Ding #1 The school librarian who was teacher of the year even though he's not a teacher I know there are some non teaching school librarians out there curse them They're doing the profession an enormous disservice but there's a large portion of us who teach pretty aggressive schedules especially elementary librarians That kind of ignorance to the profession rang a little false to me and came across as librarian baiting After all it's librarians who awarded Alexander the Newbery Medal for The Crossover This is a nitpicky ding but I take my job seriously and I teach than I do anything el

  • audrey

    ebook æ Booked Ïread ✓ srlltd BookedBooked was poetry A lot of poetry This book was talking about Nicholas Hall a boy in eighth grade who has a life that's uite similar like everyone else's He explains the ups and downs through a period of timeFor me I really don't believe that I have anything much in common with Nicholas his personalities or his hobbies However in my opinion what I have in common with him is the dreadful feeling of not being a

  • Beth

    ebook æ Booked Ïread ✓ srlltd BookedJust like The Crossover does with basketball soccer circumvents what Booked is really about family relationships this time the main character Nick is dealing with his pa

  • Colby Sharp

    ebook æ Booked Ïread ✓ srlltd BookedI loved Kwame's Newbery Medal winning book The Crossover and I liked this one even

  • Laura

    ebook æ Booked Ïread ✓ srlltd BookedOnce again I am reminded of the dazzling power of a verse novel What Kwame Alexander accomplishes and creates in so few words is astonishing Every word and character moves with energy and color in real life tones and voices Relationships individuals talk silence fear and fun hit the pages and me with force Solet’s just jump in and get BookedTwelve year old Nick Hall is a daydreaming word genius just itching to get out of class and back on the soccer field You will laugh hurt and long right along with him as he tries to deal with bullies at school divorce at home and a crush on his dream girl in his heart Can Nick tackle everything life has to throw at him right now Soccer splits and weaves through the heart of this story A sport and passion that holds the story and topics together