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Munauté fondamentaliste et ultra orthodoxe des juifs Yéchivistes Leah Vincent est la fille d'un rabbin influent ui élève ses onze enfants dans l'adoration de Dieu et des hommes dominant ce monde fermé Mais Leah voit son avenir tout tracé voler en éclat le jour où à seize ans elle est surprise à échanger des lettres avec un garçon – un crime impardonnable dans cette communauté interdisant tout contact entre membres de sexe opposé Craignant ue sa désobéissance n'affecte les projets de mariage de leurs autres enfants ses parents l'expédient à New York et rompent tout lien avec elle Perdue dans la mégapole sans père ni mari pour la rattacher à sa communau

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Libérez moiReading Libérez moi By Leah Vincent Srl ltdcouk Le récit détonant d'une jeune fille ui chassée par sa famille juive ultra orthodoxe se retrouve livrée à elle même à New York et tombe dans la spirale effrénée et autodestructrice du sexe Le Le récit détonant d'une jeune fille ui chassée par sa famille juive ultra orthodoxe se retrouve livrée à elle même à New York et tombe dans la spirale effrénée et autodestructrice du sexe Le récit détonant d'une jeune fille ui chassée par sa famille juive ultra orthodoxe se retrouve livrée à elle même à New York et tombe dans la spirale effrénée et autodestructrice du sexe Née dans la com

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[Reading] ➶ Libérez moi By Leah Vincent – Le récit détonant d'une jeune fille ui chassée par sa famille juive ultra orthodoxe se retrouve livrée à elle même à New York et tombe dans la spirale effrénée et autodestructrice du sexe Le Té Leah n'est pas préparée à affronter les libertés de la vie laïue De plus en plus infidèle au dogme religieux ui régissait son passé elle passe les années suivantes de son existence à ne compter ue sur sa sexualité pour attirer chez les hommes cette approbation u'on lui a appris à rechercher enfant Écrit dans un rythme fiévreux et envoûtant Libérez moi raconte la lutte poignante d'une femme pour découvrir sa véritable identité À travers les yeux de Leah on se retrouve confronté au monde oppressif du fondamentalisme religieux mais aussi aux problèmes ue rencontrent toutes les jeunes femmes d'aujourd'hui aux prises avec la sexualité et la uête de soi

FREE PDF ¶ BOOK Libérez moi Leah Vincent is a writer and activist The first person in her family to go to college she went on to earn a master’s in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School Her work has appeared in The New York Times The Daily Beast Salon Unpious Kveller ZEEK Timecom and The Jewish Daily Forward She is an advocate for reform within ultra Orthodoxy and for the empowerment of former ultra Orth.

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  • K

    FREE PDF ¶ BOOK Libérez moi Libérez moiThis is not a review of this book I haven't read it and don't know if I will having OD'd on the genre Instead I will give you a brief synopsis of my own yeshivish Orthodox memoir The one I'll never write because it's far too boring to publish But having grown up in that world I can tell you that my experiences are pretty typical My family self identified as yeshivish but that word actually has a pretty broad meaning We were strict about our Orthodox practices but I certainly wouldn't describe us as fundamentalist a word being thrown around a lot in this book's reviews We had some family dysfunction which was pretty painful to live through at the time but we're kind of over it now I attended a strict all girls' high school Sometimes I felt intellectually stifled Mostly I was pretty happy As I matured and my world expanded I found a greater degree of intellectual openness

  • Whitney

    FREE PDF ¶ BOOK Libérez moi Libérez moiAs a Jew reading this memoir was painful and gut wrenching in the fact that a religion that I adhere to although not as strictly was used to perpetuate the neglect and abuse that Leah Vincent was subjected to The fact that exchanging letters was all it took for her life to be turned inside out shows the depth of misogyny and extremism that exists in fundamentalist sects of any religion Vincent's willingness to share the most painful disturbing and sexually explicit moments of her life as points of reference for how individuals can become isolated and left to fend for themselves in a world they do not understand is a testament to her strength of will I rejoiced along with her when her college acceptance letters came throughLike other readersreviewers I also felt that the memoir could have used fleshing out

  • Julie Kusnetz

    FREE PDF ¶ BOOK Libérez moi Libérez moiPersonally I thought this book was semi pornographic and irrelevantly so Ms Vincent describes in lurid detail various sexual encounters so meticulously and freuently that the book is overwhelmingly a story about her sexuality and not about why she left orthodoxy And the narrative is oddly incomplete we are treated to tale upon tale of sexual escapades but given very little of the story of how Ms Vincent succeeded at an Ivy League education marriage parenthoodsorry but I thought this read like trailer trash

  • Rena

    FREE PDF ¶ BOOK Libérez moi Libérez moiThis is a difficult review since I grew up in Pittsburgh and know some of the author's family The author doesn't use real names by the way I went to school with her oldest two sisters one was in the grade above me and the other was one grade below me Since it was a small private school at that time one building for preschool to high school we knew everyone in the grade

  • Kressel Housman

    FREE PDF ¶ BOOK Libérez moi Libérez moiThis is a brave soul baring and often shocking memoir by a young woman who left the Orthodox Jewish path of her upbringing but I’m sorry to say there are parts of it that I find hard to believeI have no trouble believing any of the sex and there’s uite a lot here It’s pretty explicit too and it’s rarely the healthy and loving kind But I completely understand how it could happen Modesty is the #1 concept drilled into Orthodox Jewish women and when it’s enforced incorrectly it becomes the area in which a young woman is most likely to rebel Because Leah was taught that a woman is either modest and chaste or she’s a slut she fulfilled that expectation and entered into uite a few

  • Jessica Woodbury

    FREE PDF ¶ BOOK Libérez moi Libérez moiI wanted this book because I could relate to it having left a strict religious tradition myself albeit a very different one There was a lot in Vincent's memoir that rang very true to me But I wanted so much Episodes that are obviously hugely defining are often skimmed over far too uickly Her eventual assimilation from hyper protected Yeshivish to profanity spewing New Yorker seems to happen

  • Gail

    FREE PDF ¶ BOOK Libérez moi Libérez moiI have a lot of ambivalence about this book It was very painful to read and while I understand the catharsis it brought the author I had reservations about the degree to which she exposed others who will also suffer pain from her revelations This book is a fine demonstration of the misery that fundamentalist ideologies inflict on believers and escapees alike Everyone in this book suffers those who abandoned as well as the ones who were abandoned It was depressing to read about the bigotry of the ultra orthodox Jewish community Though I am Jewish and have known that these communities existed I was oblivious to the depth of their isolation and abandonment of the modern world I was appalled at their views of other races religions and general education The treatment of women and of anyone who uestions anything infuriated me My experience of Judaism is one of progressiveness encouraging uestions taking on the plight of the poor and disenfranchised Where are those people

  • Livia

    FREE PDF ¶ BOOK Libérez moi Libérez moiStarts off deceptively as a memoir and has some interesting details about an extremely strict sect of Orthadox Judaism Then the author leaves home and the book turns into a poorly veiled excuse for pornographic writing I gave her the benefit of the doubt that all of this was leading somewhere and was part of her journey towards assimilating into mainstream culture but by the time I got to the end of the book it was clear she had no intention of writing or apparently thinking a

  • ❀⊱RoryReads⊰❀

    FREE PDF ¶ BOOK Libérez moi Libérez moiI could not put this down So many women have had similar experiences when leaving fundamentalist religions and this one is particularly well told

  • Lea

    FREE PDF ¶ BOOK Libérez moi Libérez moiA recommended read addressing an important social issue Many individuals who leave the ultra orthodox Jewish community are at worst shunned and at best not bothered but neither provided with necessary tools to survive a secular lifestyleLeah is an activist who uses her heart wrenching experiences as motivation to improve other people's journeys along a similar path I have seen her and her husband tirelessly offer their time efforts and resources to support the community of people who have left ultra orthodoxyThis book will take the reader on an emotional journey uestioning the cruelty in the world and the strength of the human spirit Leah goes t