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[PDF / Epub] ☆ Good Morning, Midnight By Lily Brooks-Dalton – For readers of Station Eleven and The Snow Child Lily Brooks Dalton's haunting debut is the unforgettable story of two outsiders a lonely scientist in the Arctic and an astronaut trying to return to EPDF Epub Good Morning Midnight By Lily Brooks Dalton Srl ltdcouk For readers of Station Eleven and The Snow Child Lily Brooks Dalton's haunting debut is the unforgettable story of two outsiders a lonely scientist in the Arctic and an astronaut trying to return to E For readers of Station Eleven and The Snow Child Lily Brooks Dalton's Good Morning MOBI haunting debut is the unforgettable story of two outsiders a lonely scientist in the Arctic and an astronaut trying to return to Earth as they grapple with love regret and survival in a world transformedNAMED ONE OF THE BEST books OF THE YEAR BY SHELF AWARENESS AND THE CHICAGO REVIEW OF books COLSON WHITEHEAD'S FAVORITE BOOK OF Esuire Augustine a brilliant aging astronomer is consumed by the stars For years he has lived in remote outposts studying the sky for evidence of how the universe began At his latest posting in a research center in the Arctic news of a catastrophic event arrives The scientists are forced to evacuate but Augustine stubbornly refuses to abandon his work Shortly after the others have gone Augustine discovers a mysterious child Iris and realizes th

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At the airwaves have gone silent They are aloneAt the same time Mission Specialist Sullivan is aboard the Aether on its return flight from Jupiter The astronauts are the first human beings to delve this deep into space and Sully has made peace with the sacrifices reuired of her a daughter left behind a marriage ended So far the journey has been a success But when Mission Control falls inexplicably silent Sully and her crewmates are forced to wonder if they will ever get homeAs Augustine and Sully each face an uncertain future against forbidding yet beautiful landscapes their stories gradually intertwine in a profound and unexpected conclusion In crystalline prose Good Morning Midnight poses the most important uestions What endures at the end of the world? How do we make sense of our lives? Lily Brooks Dalton's captivating debut is a meditation on the power of love and the bravery of the human heartPraise for Good Morning MidnightStunningly gorgeous The book contemplates the biggest uestions What is left at the end of the world? What is the impact of a life's work? Portland Mercury A beautifully written sparse post apocalyptic novel that explores memory loss and identity Fans of

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Good Morning MidnightEmily St John Mandel's Station Eleven and Kim Stanley Robinson's Aurora will appreciate the Brooks Dalton's exuisite exploration of relationships in extreme environments The Washington PostAmbitious Brooks Dalton's prose lights up the page in great swathes her dialogue sharp and insightful and the high concept plot drives a story of place elusive love and the inexorable yearning for human contact Publishers Weekly Beautiful descriptions create a sense of wonder and evoke feelings of desolation Brooks Dalton's heartfelt debut novel unfolds at a perfect pace as it asks readers what will be left when everything in the world is gone Booklist Good Morning Midnight is a remarkable and gifted debut novel Lily Brooks Dalton is an uncanny chronicler of desolate spaces whether it's the cold expanse of the universe or the deepest recesses of the human heart Colson WhiteheadWith imagination empathy and insight into unchanged and unchangeable human nature Lily Brooks Dalton takes us on an emotional journey in this beautiful debut Yiyun LiA truly original novel otherworldly and profoundly human Good Morning Midnight is a fascinating story surprising and inspiring at every turn Keith Scribne

Doc ´ Good Morning Download LILY BROOKS DALTON was born and raised in southern Vermont Her memoir Good Morning, MOBI :Õ Motorcycles I've Loved was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award and her first novel Good Morning Midnight will be translated into half a dozen languages.

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  • Jeffrey Keeten

    Doc ´ Good Morning Download Good Morning, Midnight”I heave myself out of the darkness slowly painfullyAnd there I am and there he is” Jean RhysIt is interesting that Lily Brooks Dalton named this book after the Jean Rhys’s novel of the same name I’ve never read the Rhys’s book but it is a notoriously depressing novel The premise of this novel could certainly lead readers to believe that this book too is destined to be depressing but for me it proved to be strikingly uplifting Jean Rhys takes her title from an Emily Dickinson poem Good morning MidnightI'm coming homeDay got tired of me –How could I of him?Sunshine was a sweet placeI liked to stay –But Morn didn't want me – now –So good night Day Dickinson Rhys Brooks Dalton are writers who are connected through strings of written words that are like strands of DNA passed from page to mind to pen f

  • karen

    Doc ´ Good Morning Download Good Morning, Midnightthis is an interesting spin on the apocalypse genre the end of the world as experienced by two characters who have already distanced themselves from the bustle of humanity an astronomer named augustine who has been posted at an arctic research station for three years and an astronaut named sully returning to earth with her crew after a mission studying the moons of jupiterthe cataclysmic event that causes the end is unspecified the reader knows only as much as the characters t

  • Jen

    Doc ´ Good Morning Download Good Morning, MidnightDystopian you say? GroanI picked this up with trepidation and only due to some rave reviews But what I found was this narrative had the audacity to cut across my layer of bias and take me on a journey which was indeed of an apocalyptic nature but so much So this book Took me by surprise The story The contrasts The writing The characters Two stories told in paral

  • Angela M

    Doc ´ Good Morning Download Good Morning, MidnightI am unable to give it anything less than 5 stars for the author's gorgeous writing and the in depth characterizations I loved the descriptive writing from the beginning which allows us the to see and feel what it was like living at the Arctic Circle We also get glimpses of outer space of what Jupiter may look like from the crew on a spacecraft called Aether but it was the passages describing the Arctic it's landscape and wildlife that pushed this to 5 stars for me Augustine an aging astronomer has traveled the world studying the stars since he was a young man having left behind any connection to anyone in his life devoting himself to his work now in the Arctic An unknown unnamed catastrophe is occurring on Earth He refuses to go back home when an aircraft comes to get him and his fellow researchers He stays bound and determined to spend the rest of his days doin

  • Lyn

    Doc ´ Good Morning Download Good Morning, Midnight“No man is an island
Entire of itself
Every man is a piece of the continent
A part of the main” John Donne“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster And if you gaze long enough into an abyss the abyss will gaze back into you” Friedrich NietzscheAt its heart this book is about loneliness – but also about connectedness the primal need for humans to unite with one anotherAuthor Lily Brooks Dalton has chosen as a means by which to demonstrate this idea a post apocalyptic setting similar in style and theme with The Martian and Station Eleven The author divides her narrative into two related plots one centering on an elderly astronomer left alone on a polar scientific station and the second a group of astronauts of the space ship Aether returning to earth after

  • Larry H

    Doc ´ Good Morning Download Good Morning, MidnightThis book was absolutely extraordinaryLoneliness is a powerful emotion yet you can feel just as lonely while spending time with people or in the middle of a crowd as you might when you're completely alone Lily Brooks Dalton's powerful haunting contemplative debut novel Good Morning Midnight is a meditation on loneliness regret ambition love and loss through the eyes of two uniue peopleHe was drawn by the isolation and the punishing climate the landscape that matched his interior Instead of salvaging what he could he ran away to

  • Candi

    Doc ´ Good Morning Download Good Morning, Midnight We study the universe in order to know yet in the end the only thing we truly know is that all things end—all but death and time It’s difficult to be reminded of that but it’s harder to forgetAh what a stunning and uiet contemplative work of science fiction I loved every minute of this book The isolation yet the beauty of the landscapes both of the harsh Arctic and that of the vastness of outer space were utterly astonishing Augustine and Sully are in no way perfect human beings Yet for this reason I was drawn to them I rooted for them and their survival Augustine has declined rescue from his station at the Arctic Circle despite the fact that the entire research team has fled to some unknown destination after dire warning of some sort of catastrophic event which seems to be imminent on Earth Sully is on the journey of a lifetime with a six person crew on the spaceship Aether and is on her way back from a special mission to Jupiter when communica

  • Elyse Walters

    Doc ´ Good Morning Download Good Morning, MidnightThe sentences My GodareGORGEOUSsimply gorgeous it’s hard to find words to express the feelings and the appreciation of such gorgeous gorgeous — should I say it again? gorgeous writing THIS BOOK IS EXTRAORDINARY In the minds of two extraordinary scientists that are essentially left alone they are left to contemplate the meaning of life and deathExamining their own loneliness and is

  • Cheri

    Doc ´ Good Morning Download Good Morning, MidnightThere is a moment after the planes have left the Arctic Circle when Augustine ponders the wisdom of remaining after all the others have gone Before the snow even settles that moment is gone as surely as all the others are as well He’s alone On the Arctic Circle He ponders this much like if it were a theory he’s trying to unravel He’s never been inclined to seek others out maybe in his earlier days when he sought the acclaim of his brilliance the glory of accolades in his career Maybe even in his younger days when he sought out the physical attentions of beautiful women But those were all a game of manipulation cruel games He never wanted than the release of physical coupling He tries to label the feeling he has at this moment Contentment A nagging refrain reminds him that the last thing the cre

  • Annet

    Doc ´ Good Morning Download Good Morning, Midnight When the world stops listening who do you become? Well wow this was just a beautiful book I have no words for it It really got to meThe stillness of the story unlikely for an apocalyptic story really The poetry of every page The beautiful language The simplicity of it The emotions buried in the pages I just enjoyed it immensely Every page Slowly The pace is really slow actually and it fits Good Morning Midnight The alternating stories of Augustine ageing scientist out at the remote research centre in the Arctic Circle looking back at his life and Sully mother and astronaut on board the Aether on its return flight to earth contemplating surviving The rest of the world is silent something catastrophic happened It's just the Aether crew and Augustine and a mysterious child Full circle in the end The beauty of it Actually just what I needed Ex