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[EPUB] ✰ The Light By Judith T. Lambert – A uest For Truth A modern woman has an extraordinary dream that seems like a near death experience This gives rise to a uest for truth Dissatisfied with answers at home she takes her search abroad andEs not have a religionGod does not speak a languageGod does not have a cultureIt is we who reuire these things ˃˃˃ The ground breaking novel on the near death experience that unveils the roots to a global spirituality ˃˃˃ Gods and the names of God have changed in every era yet one dynamic remains constant The Light Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today

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Experience This gives rise to a uest for truth Dissatisfied with answers at home she takes her search abroad and enters a labyrinth of fortunetellers religious scholars Sufi guides and spiritual archaeologists Propelled by what she discovers her journey continues to the foundation of religious unity ˃˃˃ Religion’s Common Denominator Is The Light God do

Read doc ↠ The Light I received my MA in Religious Studies from John F Kennedy University Orinda California My early career led to life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and into a world of exotic travel and hidden places Extensive experiences abroad enabled me to study various cultures and religions first hand I feel my research and uniue situation gives my works a totally fresh perspective and makes a contribu.

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The LightEPUB The Light By Judith T Lambert Srl ltdcouk A uest For Truth A modern woman has an extraordinary dream that seems like a near death experience This gives rise to a uest for truth Dissatisfied with answers at home she takes her search abroad and A uest For Truth A modern woman has an extraordinary dream that seems like a near death

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  • Heidi The Reader

    Read doc ↠ The Light The LightIn The Light Judy the author chronicles her dreams and her search through various countries and cultures for their ultimate meaning She calls this book a memoir with some pieces changed to protect the privacy of the people involved I found it to be an engaging look into the life of a spiritual seeker and a fascinating comparative study of all religions their symbols and common meaningsJudy talks to a librarian named Bill about symbols I've been having some dreams with symbols that seem to be very powerful and consistent and I'm wondering whether these symbols have a history or a larger meaning Oh yes absolutely he broke in All symbols have a history and a commonality There's no uestion about that Images are the means people must employ to understand ideas and feelings Without them we cannot reason but you see we often don't know where these symbols and images come from do we? We forget their origin and the long history of their use until w

  • Aly

    Read doc ↠ The Light The LightReligion is different for every one I enjoyed going on a journeyadventure to find peace with this author I don't read many books like this either but this was fun for me to see how I liked this book I experienced something different in this book I was taken on a trip to find spiritual light I received this book from the author and this is my honest review

  • MizzSandie

    Read doc ↠ The Light The LightWon this in Goodreads Giveaway my first ever win thank you This was a mixed bag for me I liked the writing and found both the characters and their relationships well described and interesting and very honest and believable People came off as real people and was portrayed both from their 'good' and 'bad' sides and there was enough of a small learning curve for Jude the main character to keep it dynamic but without making it so steep that it seemed forced I would have loved to have dived much deeper into people and their relationships and growth and personal revelations and am only hoping this is something that will be central in future books by LambertThe 'plot' on the other hand I had a hard time connecting with The main character Jude searches for and finds symbols and talk about Light in the different religions she explores and is together with her friends astounded

  • Meredith

    Read doc ↠ The Light The LightThis book was a very enjoyable read I very much appreciated the material and the drawing of easy connections across cultures communities and faiths These connections are real and if people could see them it truly would bring a greater peace to our troubled globe T

  • Laura VanZant

    Read doc ↠ The Light The LightAmazing thought provoking and deeply influential

  • Helen

    Read doc ↠ The Light The LightI won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review First impressions I thought the front cover was uite appropriate and that several of the uotes were very interesting and thought provoki

  • dreamingofpages

    Read doc ↠ The Light The Light'It's as if I have been propelled by an unknown force into the night sky But what I see is not the night sky There are no stars Rather it feels like I am floating suspended in a cosmic empty space'After having an extraordinary dream the author embarks on an insightful journey abroad in search for peace and truth about the LightThroughout the book she goes to visit different countries and explores all the different religionsI don't normally read books about religion and spirituality so I was uite hesitant to start this one but much to my delight I actually really enjoyed it I really liked the author's writing style because it had a conversational tone to it which made the book fun and easier to read One thing that I liked most about this book was the c

  • Grace Viola

    Read doc ↠ The Light The LightThis is like a 3 and 34 stars I Judith Lambert sent me The Light Not going to lie I judged this by the cover I started this book thinking it would be a dry nonfiction story about different religious in different counties I grew up in a Christian family and have always been intrigued by different views on religion So I started it assuming it would be a bit dry and I'd learn a thing or two However I was pleasantly surprised This book is fiction but explains religion and culture in a great way to keep the reader mesmerized I could see myself trave

  • Klancy

    Read doc ↠ The Light The LightThank you to Judith T Lambert for providing me a copy of her book for an honest reviewI have to confess that I don’t usually read non fiction stories so I don’t really have a point of reference I can use as a comparison HOWEVER I was very impressed by Judith T L

  • Julia Huynh

    Read doc ↠ The Light The LightGoodreads Giveaway Book ReviewMy opinion of this book is along the lines of a uote that somebody once said It did not change my life but changed my perspective In this day and age where religion is open for everyone and