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[Download] ✤ The Alliance ➸ Chris G. Wright – Srl-ltd.co.uk This is an alternate and final cover edition for 9781370523979 NOTE As of 12 Feb 2019 the book has undergone edits Please update through your purchases page if you have bought the book from or PM me fDownload The Alliance Chris G Wright Srl ltdcouk This is an alternate and final cover edition for 9781370523979 NOTE As of 12 Feb 2019 the book has undergone edits Please update through your purchases page if you have bought the book from or PM me f This is an alternate and final cover edition for NOTE As of Feb the book has undergone edits Please update through your purchases page if you have bought the book from or PM me for an updated version of the book The Alliance lays the groundwork for a volume science fiction series combining both space opera and post apo

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Calyptic elements of Earth's thrilling journey from dystopia to utopia to interstellar travel and space colonization and the evolution of diverse societies—some human some not—across the centuries all in the shadow of a galactic menace SeriesSummaryIndividuals from different walks of life—and regions of the Milky Way—go head to head with an alien tyrant and his conuest unaware that they have become pawns of omniscient entities and drawn into an elaborate ploy of universal proportionsBook SummaryInvasion has plagued entire continents forcing human societies to live in the rubble and rust Facing?

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The Alliance?turmoil famine disease the future seems bleak for the isolated pockets of resistance and what lurks in the skies will not rest until it has claimed every single oneBut in the infinitude of the universe there may be hope so long as humans can learn to trust the outsiders who claim responsibility for this calamity Nearing extinction do they have a choice?Outnumbered and outmatched two species will have to depend on ancient combat suits and mysterious devices But the greatest risk perhaps lies in their dependency on a man who has to make the ultimate sacrifice and a soldier with his fair share of ghosts

PDF ☆ BOOK The Alliance Chris G Wright was born in Corfu Greece in to a Greek father and an Irish mother His parents were the owners of a humble cocktail bar close to the seaside back in the day when ABBA were still big and neon lights and hairspray were still inHe has a track record of doing things completely unrelated to writing a hobby inspired by fantasy author RA Salvatore and steered towards sci fi.

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  • Khurram

    PDF ☆ BOOK The Alliance The AllianceA great book set in a not so distant but dystopian world The start of a great series for me I can not wait to see what happens next This book is of an introduction to the main characters of this series world building and choosing a sideThe aliens have arrived the came and they destroyed Now humanity is an endangered species However humanity is not dead yet One of the things I really liked about this book is that as much as the humanity has come together in the aftermath our

  • Mark Kloss

    PDF ☆ BOOK The Alliance The AllianceThis story just grew and grew there was some immense world building by the author I have to say it started off a little slow for me and it took me a bit to get into but continuing was well worth it as the story then hooked me The relationship between Ethan and Skye was fascinating as was Douglas' battle with himself and his past The war between the two alien races and the intrigue within their factions has set the stage for a fascinating series I look forward to reading about Jeravi and Zai and where the many various plot lines end up leading

  • Matt

    PDF ☆ BOOK The Alliance The AllianceA sci fi masterpiece that gets it right balancing a post apocalyptic war ravaged Earth and a space operaadventure Vivid descriptions of vistas of a post apocalyptic Earth painted with as much verve like so many fantasy stories Colorful characters with depth and entertaining relationships no matter which part of the galaxy they're from A fluctuating pace that speeds up when it needs to and slows down almost courteously so that you can soak up the twists and turns and the glue that binds themFor a sci fi it has an nontraditional almost apostate beginning but the prose and concept make it very intriguing and nothing I've encountered before which is why this one belongs in my FAVORITES shelf and it's the only thus far indie book in that shelf The opening scene is shrouded in ambiguity taking place in some part of the universe in the dead of space or some dimension tucked away in space ti

  • Grady

    PDF ☆ BOOK The Alliance The Alliance‘We won’t last until nightfall Caleb thought’The strikingly handsome British author Chris G Wright was born in Corfu Greece the son of a Greek father and Northern Irish mother He grew up in Greece served in the army as part of Greece's national military service then studied Business Management at Aberystwyth University Wales and committed to a career in Digital Marketing as a

  • Joshua Grant

    PDF ☆ BOOK The Alliance The AllianceI will admit I’m a sucker for sci fi I fall even harder for post apocalyptic stories and the dismal gray of dystopian dramas And when you put all that together you get a perfect nuclear storm that has me hooked chapter after chapter That’s exactly what Chris Wright did with The Alliance The Evox Chronicles Volume 1I enjoyed following Ethan my favorite and the variety of other characters through their intense jou

  • Les

    PDF ☆ BOOK The Alliance The AllianceA story about human origins and destiny painted upon a vast and wonderful canvas This is a big story the first of a six volume series that looks like it's going to be uite an epic The author has combined many tried and true tropes of the genre creating a blend of space opera and

  • Leah Chalmers

    PDF ☆ BOOK The Alliance The AllianceThis is uite a meaty sci fi novel which took a bit to get going but then really got interested There is a lot of groundwork laid

  • Zachariah

    PDF ☆ BOOK The Alliance The AllianceA sci fi with innovative touches The perfect combo of a post apocalyptic Earth and the very best of Space Opera in the 1st installment of a 6 volume sci fi series From its beginning as a dystopian Earth to its final scenes it has all the fast paced action adventure nail biting clashes between humble heroes and fearsome adversaries Interstellar euivalent melodrama and the colorful transition from Earth to space scenes that make this book uite a visual journey It does demand that you pay close attention to the plot as there's so much going on and there are plenty of characters to keep your eyes onEarth has been invaded by the Sky Tyrants aka Rabast and there are legions and fleets of these aliens swarming every corner of the planet They are on a destructive path but their presence on Earth isn't just for resources but some supreme being a universal puppeteer of some sort has

  • Erik Willén

    PDF ☆ BOOK The Alliance The AllianceOutstanding – A Must ReadFinding new science fiction authors that are great is very difficult and I’m very happy that Great Britain has yet again produced an outstanding new author; The Alliance by Chris G Wright is a new Sci Fi series that will take the reader to a new concept when it comes to; science fiction space ope

  • Ethel Stanley

    PDF ☆ BOOK The Alliance The AllianceThis is a story of epic proportions that will span across six books and the first one is uite a dynamic read It’s a space opera from the middle onwards but most of it is basically a dystopian Earth ravaged by an alien nation so there’s enough melodrama and action to grip you It stands out for its unconventional prologue as no sci fi I’ve so far read has started off like thatThere are a LOT of characters and the most important ones are described in a list in the beginning which I sometimes went back to in order to remind myself I’m just over 50 so my mind is what it used to be The characters were realistic and moderately described even the alien ones and their dialogue was also realistic which carried the plot nicely I personally don’t want to know everything about the characters in a single book of a saga as I like surprises and history to be revealed later onAlthough there’s so much going on due to a chaoti