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❰Ebook❯ ➩ Meursault, contre-enquête Author Kamel Daoud – Romance vencedor do Goncourt principal prêmio literário da França O caso Meursault do jornalista e escritor argelino Kamel Daoud é lançado no Brasil pela Biblioteca Azul depois de ter sido aplaudEbook Meursault contre enuête Author Kamel Daoud Srl ltdcouk Romance vencedor do Goncourt principal prêmio literário da França O caso Meursault do jornalista e escritor argelino Kamel Daoud é lançado no Brasil pela Biblioteca Azul depois de ter sido aplaud Romance vencedor do Goncourt principal prêmio literário da França O caso Meursault do jornalista e escritor argelino Kamel Daoud é lançado no Brasil pela Biblioteca Azul depois de ter sido aplaudido pela crítica francesa e de ter seus direitos vendidos para mais de paísesO romance tem como ponto de partida um dos maiores clássicos da literatura francesa no s?

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?culo XX O Estrangeiro de Albert Camus cuja trama é reconstruída sob o ponto de vista do homem assassinado por Meursault o personagem central da obra camusiana Sem voz nem nome no livro do escritor francês o árabe morto recupera a identidade na narrativa de Kamel DaoudEm um bar em Orã na Argélia Haroun irmão mais novo do assassinado fala a um universitário parisiense interessado em ouvir o ue foi oculto no romance de Camus O foco da conversa é a cena decisiva de O Estrangeiro na ual o narrador Meursault ao se sentir ameaçado por desconhecidos em uma praia deserta atira em um homem sob um sol escaldanteEm O caso Meursault a vítima ganha o nome de Moussa

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Meursault contre enquêteUm homem simples e cheio de vida conforme a lembrança de Haroun O personagem relata sua infância marcada pelo assassinato do irmão e pela busca desesperada da mãe pelo corpo do filho Mas o autor não se limita a isso e surpreende uando fazendo bom uso da ficção retira Moussa o árabe ignorado do lugar do injustiçadoCom prosa irônica e cortante o escritor faz evocar na figura de Meursault o próprio Camus No momento em ue o leitor revisita o narrador de O Estrangeiro ouvindo a voz de seu próprio autor Kamel Daoud transforma sua ficção em um espaço livre sem censura para pensar a uestão do colonialismo e os impasses da Argélia pós independênciaFicçã

read Meursault kindle ↠contre ☆ kamel daoud Né en à Mostaganem Kamel Daoud est journaliste au uotidien d’Oran où il tient une chroniue à succès « Raïna raïkoum » Il est l’auteur de plusieurs ouvrages dont le recueil de nouvelles La Préface du nègre barzakh récompensé par le Prix Mohammed Dib et traduit en allemand ainsi u’en italienThe Algerian writer and journalist Kamel Daoud is the winner o.

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  • s.penkevich

    read Meursault kindle ↠contre ☆ kamel daoud Meursault, contre, enquêteTHE TRUE LITERARY EVENT OF THE YEAR sorry Harper Lee The absurdity of my condition which consisted in pushing a corpse to the top of a hill before it rolled down endlessly¹The curtain opening lines of Algerian journalist Kamel Daoud’s The Meursault Investigation ‘ Mama’s still alive today’ reveal a stage set for a pastiche of reproach and rapprochement towards Albert Camus’ The Stranger² which opens with ‘ Maman died today’ The Stranger in which Camus’ anti hero is tried for shooting a nameless Arab on an Algerian beach is the soil from which Meursault Investigation sprouts in which the focal character Harun elucidates a life as the younger brother to Meursault’s victim The story is told over drinks to in conversation with a silent though responses are implied through Harun’s speech interlocutor akin to the style of Camus’ The Fall Despite the bitter chastisements of Meursault The Meursault Investigation and The Stranger become two sides of the same coin as Dao

  • Jim Fonseca

    read Meursault kindle ↠contre ☆ kamel daoud Meursault, contre, enquêteThis book is a take off from Camus’s classic novel The Stranger The story is told by the brother of “the Arab” – we never knew his name from Camus killed by the infamous Meursault the antihero of Camus’s novel The brother now in his late 70’s hangs out drinking wine in a bar night after night He tells us his brother’s name was Musa and he tells us the things Camus never told us – How old was he? Was he married? Kids? What kind of job did he have? He describes the events that led to Musa’s senseless murder on the beach The body was never recovered by the family so at the funeral neighbors invented the myth that it was “washed out to sea” While he tells us about his brother a lot of the story is told in the bar to a stranger who may be

  • Deborah Markus

    read Meursault kindle ↠contre ☆ kamel daoud Meursault, contre, enquêteThe short review Some good writing but ultimately a letdownThe details I got all excited when I read Musa the snippet of Meursault that was excerpted in The New Yorker Not only was it very well written but I'd just reread The Stranger and this is a retelling of that story from the point of view of the brother of the man who was shot I thought this book would be a lot like Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea which is a brilliant retelling of Jane Eyre from the madwoman

  • Cheryl

    read Meursault kindle ↠contre ☆ kamel daoud Meursault, contre, enquêteMama's still alive todayIf you read this book then I urge you to do so on the heels of reading or re reading The Stranger Otherwise it would be like overhearing only the one side of a telephone conversation — you can then only guess at the meaning and significance of what you hear The brilliance of this is how he simultaneously submerges and intertwines his story with Camus’ as if that fiction was a real life documentary and at the same time stands outside the narra

  • Hugh

    read Meursault kindle ↠contre ☆ kamel daoud Meursault, contre, enquêteThis is a clever reworking of Camus's L'Étranger from the perspective of an Algerian Arab post independence It is many years since I read that book but I remember enough about it to see what Daoud is doingThe somewhat unreliable narrator tells his story to a stranger in

  • Erika

    read Meursault kindle ↠contre ☆ kamel daoud Meursault, contre, enquêteThis novel feels like less of an expository read and of a monologue Told in a tight almost claustrophobic first person it is the story of Camus' The Stranger from the viewpoint of the murdered man’s younger brother Here the victim is no longer an anonymous “Arab” but has a name Musa Moses and a family who mourned his loss I would highly recommend that anyone planning to read The Meursault Investigation reread The Stranger first since this is both a retelling and examination of Camus' work There are passages where Daoud repeats scenes even exact wording from The Stranger yet rather than serving as a homage it’s a mirror almost a fraternal twin to Camus' book Daoud has written an interesting and wholly original work I also highly recommend a fascinating interview of him on Symphony Space It’s available from aud

  • Sue

    read Meursault kindle ↠contre ☆ kamel daoud Meursault, contre, enquêteIn the case of The Meursault Investigation I found this seuelresponse of sorts satisfying and complete than the famed The Stranger The premise of giving a name and identity to that unknown Arab killed on the beach is startlingly obvious and well done The concepts of Arab identity and colonialism in Algeria are part of the fabric of this novel and become part of Musa's life and death Musa being the now named Arab killed in Camus' book I must give tribute to The Stranger here for without having read that book this would not have the meaning impact it does But for me Daoud's work outdid the original in readability complexity over all concept I'm uite s

  • Margitte

    read Meursault kindle ↠contre ☆ kamel daoud Meursault, contre, enquêteI have a love hate relationship with this book Harun the first person protagonist is blunt in his anger with the world with himself and his mother with Albert Camus and the admirers of The Stranger I decided to be just as blunt in my response I am sure he will appreciate a little bit of honestyTHE HATE CONNECTION Robert another reviewer of the book stated in a comment all in all successful as a political statement or literary riposte than a novel That is how I experienced this bookDaoud used The Stranger written by Albert Camus to kick start his own writing career by attaching his book to this famous controversial work of the Franco Algerian author He wrote an unauthorized seuel to The Strangersort of Without this attachment to this famous work his own work would never have caught the limelight and soon movie exposure it now enjoys Instead of trying to establish himself as an independent new voice he instead borrowed another book's thunder Try to emulate the origina

  • Gail

    read Meursault kindle ↠contre ☆ kamel daoud Meursault, contre, enquêteHmmm First thing to note is that to understand this book you need to have Camus' L'Etranger in your recent memory I started this book before rereading L'Etranger and although I liked it I uickly realized that I needed to follow my advice above So I did and fell in love with L'Etranger Unfortunately when I came back to Meursault although I understood it better I liked it less I found the premise interesting the unnamed Arabe in Camus' book is given a name and a story here I found the style exhaustingly repetitive and dull L'Arabe whose name is Moussa has been killed and his brother the narrator suffers and acts in conseuence Daoud is a well known journalist in Algeria and nearly won the Goncourt for this book From an intellectual and political stand point his book is worth reading Camus was writing from a colonialist perspective which Daoud rightly objects vehemently to But from a literary perspective although original it cannot hold its own

  • Malia

    read Meursault kindle ↠contre ☆ kamel daoud Meursault, contre, enquêteSadly I found this rather disappointing It felt kind of all over the place and sooo repetitive Daoud's writing is very elegant but I couldn't seem to get to the crux of the story So in the end it just felt like a monologue of the main character's mourningand whining and unfortunately it just never uite achieved lift off in that senseFind reviews and bookis