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E feats of this proto superhero have earned him wonder and whiskey toasts but very little in the way of fortune And without money Big cannot become an honest husband to his beloved Cloe who may or may not want to be his wife honestly In pursuit of a steady wage our hero hits the dirt streets of Ohio City and Cleveland the twin towns racing to become the first great metropolis of the West Their rivalry reaches a boil over the building of a bridge across the Cuyahoga River—and Big stumbles right into the kettle The resulting misadventures involve elderly terrorists infrastructure collapse steamboat races wild pigs and multiple ruined weddings Narrating this “deliriously fun” Brian Phillips tale i

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CuyahogaPDF Epub Cuyahoga Author Pete Beatty Srl ltdcouk A spectacularly inventive debut novel that reinvents the tall tale for our times—“ Cuyahoga defies all modest descriptionit is ten feet tall if it’s an inch and it’s a ramshackle joy from star A spectacularly inventive debut novel that reinvents the tall tale for our times—“ Cuyahoga defies all modest descriptionit is ten feet tall if it’s an inch and it’s a ramshackle joy from start to finish” Brian Phillips author of Impossible Owls Big Son is a spirit of the times—the times being Behind his broad shoulders shiny hair and church organ laugh Big Son practically made Ohio City all by himself Th

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❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Cuyahoga Author Pete Beatty – A spectacularly inventive debut novel that reinvents the tall tale for our times—“ Cuyahoga defies all modest descriptionit is ten feet tall if it’s an inch and it’s a ramshackle joy from starS Medium Son—known as Meed—apprentice coffin maker almanac author orphan and the younger brother of Big Meed finds himself swept up in the action and he is forced to choose between brotherly love and his own ambitions His uncanny voice—plain but profound collouial but surprisingly poetic—elevates a slapstick frontier tale into a screwball origin myth for the Rust Belt In Cuyahoga tragedy and farce jumble together in a riotously original voice Evoking the Greek classics and the Bible alongside nods to Looney Tunes Charles Portis and Flannery O’Connor Pete Beatty has written a rollicking revisionist midWestern with universal themes of family and fate—an old weird America that feels brand ne

Cuyahoga Epub ò Hardcover ↠ Srlltd Pete Beatty is a Cleveland area native He has taught writing at Kent State University and the University of Alabama He currently works at the University of Alabama Press He lives with his wife in Tuscaloosa Alabama Cuyahoga is his first novel.

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  • Fran

    Cuyahoga Epub ò Hardcover ↠ Srlltd CuyahogaCleveland was on the eastern bluff at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River As Cleveland grew handfuls of folks spilled the river looking for an emptiness to their likingIn order to make good emptiness you have got to clear landbutwe only nibbled out our few acresthe trouble come when the nibbling spread out into eating up the words of Middle Son Meed In describing his brother Big Son Big My brother was democratic in his featshung church bells one handedhunted one hundred rabbits in a daythis taste come from his first featwhen he whipped ten thousand trees This is a story of the west This is a tall tale the tale of how Big cleared ground for Ohio in 1837 for a town on the western bluff of the Cuyahoga River Dueling towns would soon be jockeying for dominanceAt first Big did not mind his empty palmsit were enough for

  • Natalie Jenner

    Cuyahoga Epub ò Hardcover ↠ Srlltd CuyahogaPete Beatty's debut novel CUYAHOGA is as comically genius as a Coen Brothers film; his narrative skill and voice as singular as Faulkner's; his imagination as dizzying and expansive as the tall tale feats of hero Big Son it recalls Page by page I felt like the top of my head had blown off even the most seemingly thrown away lines left me astonished at their efficiency and beauty A most startlingly original novel CUYAHOGA is as close a reading experience to first discovering Salinger and Nabokov as I have ever found I am so grateful to the author and to his publisher Scribner for an early advance copy of this remarkable debut

  • tamar

    Cuyahoga Epub ò Hardcover ↠ Srlltd CuyahogaI don’t like to write disappointing reviews and I always try to find something nice to say if possible since every author spills hisher guts out to tell a story and a publisher found merit in the work or would not have invested in the book So this is than a little embarrassing because this is my first review for a book reuested from Edelweiss and I literally asked for it double entendre intended Let’s start with th

  • Dax

    Cuyahoga Epub ò Hardcover ↠ Srlltd CuyahogaThanks to Scribner and Goodreads for an ARC through the Goodreads giveaway programThe narration through Medium Son aka 'Meed' was the highlight of the novel Dialogue and turns of phrase galore as he details the adventures and tribulations of his older brother Big Son

  • Samantha

    Cuyahoga Epub ò Hardcover ↠ Srlltd CuyahogaDNF 60%I was intrigued by the delightful uniue concept behind this novel particularly because it is set in my hometown of Cleveland a place still dear to me that doesn’t often show up in novels Unfortunately the concept was greater than the reality of this book which too often veers off into weird for weird’s sake territory and is rife with what feels like forced humor I’ve never been a big fan of the uneducated dim bulb as narrator and this book was no exception to that While the narrator often makes wise observations in his way the lens of the simpleton makes it a difficult and often irritating read

  • Molly

    Cuyahoga Epub ò Hardcover ↠ Srlltd CuyahogaI could not finish this book hence the one star review I’m sure somewhere there is a group of people who will re

  • Harry Jahnke

    Cuyahoga Epub ò Hardcover ↠ Srlltd CuyahogaI lovvvved this book Incredibly done I feel like Beatty perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the Old Westtm and the way that tall tales were told I love how Big starts to uestion if he's becoming a spirit as Johnny Appleseed was and I love how subtle the jealousy Meed feels towards his brother This book is like a series of small stories that could be told by the campfire and was stitched together into a beautiful and cozy uilt of a narrative It's a book about how legends are made and broken how people become stories and stories become people Brilliant in every way

  • Susan

    Cuyahoga Epub ò Hardcover ↠ Srlltd CuyahogaBeing a good bit rusty in reading the tall tales genre shouldn't hurt a potential reader of this rip roarin' saga tailored to an adult audience Like all good folklore its fiction is rooted in fact in this case the love hate relationship between burgeoning Cleveland and its sister city with somewhat of an inferiority complex on the western banks of the Cuyahoga River Ohio City in the early 1800's The chronicler of this series of ever heroic and at times foolhardy feats of the preternaturally mighty orphan Big Son of Ohio City is his all too human younger brother Meed speaking of inferiority complexes In matters of love and vengeance heroism and meanness these brothers attempt to

  • James Beggarly

    Cuyahoga Epub ò Hardcover ↠ Srlltd CuyahogaI was lucky enough to get an early copy from Scribner This is just such a fun romp of a book A big fable that’s grounded in wonderfully drawn characters Big Son is constantly performing Paul Bunyan esue his brother is a jealous witness and Cloe is the girl they both want Great period dialogue keeps this book soaring throughout

  • Stuart Rosen

    Cuyahoga Epub ò Hardcover ↠ Srlltd CuyahogaYou need to ease yourself into the rhythms of this book rhythms which may feel dense and impenetrable until you track our narrator’s idiosyncratic speaking style But once you do and truthfully it won’t take that longwow what a wonderful book Cuyahoga follows the exploits of local larger than life Big Son as related by his brother Middle or Meed What starts as a tall tale expands into a profile of Ohio City and its rival sister city Cleveland and u