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DOWNLOAD ↠ The Paris Library Ö ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Paris Library Author Janet Skeslien Charles – Based on the true World War II story of the heroic librarians at the American Library in Paris this is an unforgettable story of romance friendship family and the power of literature to bring us toget Based on the tPDF / Epub The Paris Library Author Janet Skeslien Charles Srl Based on the true World War II story of the heroic librarians at the American Library in Paris this is an unforgettable story of romance friendship family and the power of literature to bring us toget Based on the true World War II story of the heroic librarians at the American Library in Paris this is an unforgettable story of romance friendship family and The Paris eBook the power of literature to bring us t.

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For adventure in small town Montana Her interest is piued by her solitary elderly neighbor As Lily uncovers about her neighbor’s mysterious past she finds that they share a love of language the same longings and the same intense jealousy never suspecting that a dark secret from the past connects them A powerful novel that explores the conseuences of our choices and the relationships that make us who we are—family friends and favorite authors— The Paris Library shows that extraordinary heroism can sometimes be found in the uietest of place.

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The Paris LibraryOgether perfect for fans of The Lilac Girls and The Paris Wife Paris Young and ambitious Odile Souchet has it all her handsome police officer beau and a dream job at the American Library in Paris When the Nazis march into Paris Odile stands to lose everything she holds dear including her beloved library Together with her fellow librarians Odile joins the Resistance with the best weapons she has books But when the war finally ends instead of freedom Odile tastes the bitter sting of unspeakable betrayal Montana Lily is a lonely teenager looking.

DOWNLOAD ↠ The Paris Library Janet Skeslien Charles divides her time between Paris and Montana She enjoys reading traveling and spending time with family The backdrop of her debut novel MOONLIGHT IN ODESSA The Paris eBook ä is the booming business of email order brides an industry where love and marriage meet sex and commerce Her second novel THE PARIS LIBRARY is based on the true story of the courageous librarians at the American Librar.

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  • Swaroop Kanti

    DOWNLOAD ↠ The Paris Library The Paris Library based on a true Second World War story of the heroic librarians Set in two different time periods The Paris Library is a well written and engaging read The book follows the experiences of Odile a librarian and Lily a high school student To start with much of the book is about the importance of books the power of literature the value of libraries and above all the wonderful profession of being a Librarian This itself is a good enough reason for all book lovers to read this book The American Library in Paris Source The content and thoughts about books libraries and librarians is very much as I feel and think about them “ONE two three BOOKS independence happiness” Breathing in the best smell in the world a melange of the

  • Angela M

    DOWNLOAD ↠ The Paris Library The Paris LibraryI thought this would be a relevant one to read during Banned Book Week and it was but it’s about than banned books It’s about people affected by the Nazi occupation of France how the Librarians and other staff at the American Library of Paris tried to save some of their patrons as well as preserve their right to read by delivering books to their Jewish subscribers who were no longer allowed by the Nazis to use the library I was compelled to read some about the history of ALP and discovered in those articles as well as in the author’s note that some of the characters in this novel are based on real people In the novel Dorothy Reeder a wonderful sounding name for a Librarian who is the director of the Library was the director of the actual ALP from 1936 1941 I was so impressed how accurate this novel reflected the history A program to send books to soldiers w

  • Paromjit

    DOWNLOAD ↠ The Paris Library The Paris LibraryJanet Skeslien Charles writes an intriguing blend of well researched fact and fiction focusing on the experience of the established American Library in Paris amidst the background of the Nazi occupation during WW2 It follows the experiences of the young ambitious librarian Odile Souchet with the library supporting its subscribers including Jews and soldiers The Library is not left untouched by the occupation a target for the Nazis The story covers Odile's wartime experiences such as those with her family she is close to her brother Remy who has joined the war efforts her worries for him hoping that he will return safe and sound There are the many wide ranging

  • Dorie - Cats&Books :)

    DOWNLOAD ↠ The Paris Library The Paris LibraryHistorical fiction is my favorite genre I search out novels that are set about in or around books libraries book stores etc I really wanted to love this book but I was somewhat disappointed overall However a 3 from me means that it was a good book just not a great book for meThe novel is set during dual timelines one in the past in 1939 through 1944 and the other in the current time of 1983 1989 The first is set in Paris as we follow Odelie through the years first starting work at the American Library in Paris and then through the years of Nazi occupation in Paris This was definitely the most interesting part of the novel learning how the librarians continued to support their Jewish subscribers by delivering books to them since they could no longer use the library They also sent boxes with books to soldiers that they could reach who were entrenched in the war effort I didn’t feel the need for the romance between Odelie and Paul and their afternoon tr

  • Miranda Reads

    DOWNLOAD ↠ The Paris Library The Paris Library35 stars New month New Booktube Reading Vlog tier listing all the books read in July The Written Review I loved Paris a city with secrets Like book covers some leather some cloth each Parisian door led to an unexpec

  • Christine

    DOWNLOAD ↠ The Paris Library The Paris LibraryThough I am starting to back off on historical novels set during WWII I picked this book as it appeared to offer something different The story has dual timelines with our protagonist Odile oh da lay’ heavily featured in both During WWII Odile works at the American Library in Paris a real institution The later timeline takes place in the mid to late 1980s in Montana I enjoyed both timelines eually The best feature of the WWII period is the library setting I love the references to the Dewey decimal system and to specific books Seeing the war from the perspective of the library and its patrons and employees is also fresh and enlightening The Montana period is special because of the inclusion of young Lily and her role in helping Odile heal from her difficult life In turn Odile

  • Carole

    DOWNLOAD ↠ The Paris Library The Paris LibraryThe Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles is a memorable account of life during World War II in Paris after the German invasion In 1939 Odile is thrilled to be hired at the American Library in Paris ALP Her love of the written word soon makes her an important and respected member of staff As the German soldiers take control the library is in danger of being closed permanently like so ma

  • Annette

    DOWNLOAD ↠ The Paris Library The Paris LibraryThis story brings “a little known chapter of WWII history the story of the American librarian Miss Reeder who created the Soldiers’ Service to deliver books to servicemen and who later faced the Nazi ‘Book Protector’ in order to keep her library open She and her colleagues defied the Bibliotheksschutz by delivering books to Jewish readers after they were forbidden from entering the library”Montana 1983 Lily a lonely teenager is working on a school project a report on France She goes to her French neighbor Mrs Gustafson to interview her for the report Mrs Gustafson is defined as the epitome of solitude And what starts as a

  • Tea Jovanović

    DOWNLOAD ↠ The Paris Library The Paris LibraryThe reading completed 4 blissful days of pure enjoyment Good story from start to finish serious story lined with fine humour My favourite city in the world Paris American Library WWII Jews friendships hardships strong emotions and many life situations that can't be watched as black or white there is also a bit of grey Only the true book lovers can understand pass

  • Karren Sandercock

    DOWNLOAD ↠ The Paris Library The Paris LibraryThanks to Hachette Australia NetGalley and Janet Skeslien Charles for my copy of The Paris LibraryParis 1939 Odile Souchet is a girl obsessed with both the Dewey Decimal System and her boyfriend Paul and has just been employed as a librarian at the American Library in Paris With the shadow of another war looming she and her parents are worried about her twin brother Remy and of course he joins the French army The German army easily overcome the Maginot Line they march into Paris and the Parisians are now living in a city with new rules and regulations Guided by the directress Miss Reader the library has already started to hide many of the thousands of precious books and the l