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➽ [Reading] ➿ Wild Instinct By Sarah McCarty ➲ – Three all new stories of erotic animal attraction from the national bestselling author of Running WildThree desperate women hunted and on the run bring out the animal instincts in the irresistible malReading Wild Instinct By Sarah McCarty Srl ltdcouk Three all new stories of erotic animal attraction from the national bestselling author of Running WildThree desperate women hunted and on the run bring out the animal instincts in the irresistible mal Three all new stories of erotic an

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Ses between them so do the risksDaire He rejected the strict rules of werewolf society only to fall in love with the one woman who's been taught to fear the beast within himCurran His job is to find a fugitive were woman and bring her in Trapping has never been a problem but he's never fallen in love with his bounty befor

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Wild InstinctImal attraction from the national bestselling author of Running WildThree desperate women hunted and on the run bring out the animal instincts in the irresistible males who promise them than just rescueGarrett Rejected by his fellow werewolves he never expects to find his mate in the midst of his mission And as the heat ri

reader â Wild Instinct Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this nameromance authorSarah has traveled extensively throughout her life living in other cultures sometimes in areas where electricity was a concept awaiting fruition and a book was an extreme luxury While she could easily adjust to the lack of electricity living without the comfort of a good book was intolerable.

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  • Willow Brook

    reader â Wild Instinct Wild Instinct3 12 stars really but I think I'm getting crabby about authors selling me barely finished work So I'm not being generous and calling it 4 stars I loved Running Wild and have been eagerly awaiting this seuel for what feels like a very long time I think it is helpful for the reader to have read Running Wild first because it sets up McCarty's werewolf world and also tells the story of 3 couples who appear in this book which introduces 3 couples And this is where it seems to be getting a bit complicated That's a lot of characters to sort out with a variety of plot developments and references to past eventsMy biggest gripe about Wild Instinct is that it ends so aburptly that I stupidly kept clicking on my Kindle's next page button not wanting to believe McCarty would end the story in such a way If I had been reading a paper book I probably

  • Cindy

    reader â Wild Instinct Wild InstinctExcellent read The review I wrote for Running Wild still applies to this oneI love shifter books although there's not a whole lot of shifting going on This is three novella length stories which uite seamlessly make up a novel Each novel

  • KJ

    reader â Wild Instinct Wild InstinctI liked the idea of the story line and I LOVE that the author has previous characters in the story you are reading; but the author's writing style is so hard to follow that I freuently re read pages of the book So I guess I could count myself as having read this book twice You couldn't tell who was saying what For example say this is a conversation between an over domineering werewolf character and an eye rolling frustrated modern woman We'll call him Suffocating Sam and we'll call her Confused ConnieConfused Connie looked over at Suffocating Sam and his stern expression Is that al

  • ambe_loves2read

    reader â Wild Instinct Wild InstinctWild Instinct tells the story of three women and three werewolves The story is broke into three different parts with each part focusing on a different werewolf's story while all parts are one continuous story While each male finds their mate and knows the truth their women aren't so sure at first leaving the men to fight for the lives they see in their future the ones they love and prove to the woman once and for all that they are their true matesI was pretty excited to pick this book up It seemed like just what I was looking for at the moment Unfortunately after starting it I grew pretty bored with the story I loved the romance side of each relationship and enjoyed a few of the characters but I ended up putting the book down at one point and not even wanting to pick it back up I even contemplated not finishing the book all togetherI did enjoy the romance aspect of each of the relationships but mostly I found this story completely frustr

  • Oleta Blaylock

    reader â Wild Instinct Wild InstinctThis is the first book by Sarah MacCarty that I have read It is also the second book in the series and I have read the first book yet While I wish I had read the books in order there was enough information in this book that I wasn't lost This is the story of two half werewolves and an

  • Kelly

    reader â Wild Instinct Wild InstinctUnfortunately this just didn't work for mePart of the problem was that I didn't realize these novellas were 4 6 of a series so I was missing some serious backstory And a lot of it didn't get explained well enough to clue me in to the politics of what was happening or how werewolf packs worked in this world I was left feeling confused for the entire first half of the first n

  • Manisha

    reader â Wild Instinct Wild InstinctAnother hot erotic read from Sarah McCarty And she doesn't disappoint at all This is another story with 3 love stories of Garrett Daire and Curran All of them pack less homeless and hence loveless They find their mates in unusual circumstances but still find a way to live their happy ever after And that's what matters to me The story was written very differently and I really enjoyed reading it butI liked its pervious part Running Wild better Though all it's characters are featured here in this novel too This story failed to captivate me as the previous one did Hoping the next one in series comes out soon Enjoy reading

  • Ana

    reader â Wild Instinct Wild InstinctI finished it because I don't like leaving books unfinished But I absolutely didn't enjoy it This book contains 3 different stories 3 men and 3 women All of them were similar The man feels suddenly attracted to the woman but the woman is like Hell no I'm never going to be with you blah blah I really wanted to enjoy it but I couldn't Plus the cover promised to be a sexy passionate book but not it wasn't at least for me

  • Pauline Allan

    reader â Wild Instinct Wild InstinctSo I'm going to be honest I only got to the middle of the book It just could NOT hold my attention The dialogue felt off and the story felt already done I enjoy shapeshifter stories but this one just wasn't doing it for me The hero wasn't strong enough and the pull between the hero and heroine seemed lukewarm at best If you are into shapeshifters I would recommend Kate Douglas

  • Bella

    reader â Wild Instinct Wild InstinctI enjoyed book 1 ok and expected book to really expand on the overall plot but it didnt Instead it stuck to the same basic structure of the stories in book 1 and because of that felt a bit stale to me I also felt the lack of a motivating conflict to move the series forward because the problem in this one was pretty much the exact same thing from the previous book