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kindle ç Napoleon â Paul Johnson Ut one of the most important figures in modern European history Napoleon Bonaparte   In an ideal pairing of author and subject the magisterial historian Paul Johnson offers a vivid look at the life of the strategist general and dictator who conuered much of Europe Following Napoleon from the barren island of Corsica to his early training in Paris from his meteoric victories and militar

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[Epub] ➟ Napoleon By Paul Johnson – From New York Times bestselling author Paul Johnson “a very readable and entertaining biography” The Washington Post about one of the most important figures in modern European history Napoleon Bon Epub Napoleon By Paul Johnson Srl ltdcouk From New York Times bestselling author Paul Johnson “a very readable and entertaining biography” The Washington Post about one of the most important figures in modern European history Napoleon Bon From New York Times bestselling author Paul Johnson “a very readable and entertaining biography” The Washington Post abo

read kindle ↠ Napoleon Õ Paperback Paul Johnson works as a historian journalist and author He was educated at Stonyhurst School in Clitheroe Lancashire and Magdalen College Oxford and first came to prominence in the s as a journalist writing for and later editing the New Statesman magazine He has also written for leading newspapers and magazines in Britain the US and EuropePaul Johnson has published over books incl.

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NapoleonY dictatorship to his exile and death Johnson examines the origins of his ferocious ambition In Napoleon's uest for power Johnson sees a realist unfettered by patriotism or ideology And he recognizes Bonaparte’s violent legacy in the totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century  Napoleon is a magnificent work that bears witness to one individual's ability to work his will on histor

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  • Antigone

    read kindle ↠ Napoleon Õ Paperback NapoleonSeveral years ago I happened across a few lines about the CorsicanThat's how it starts A couple of lines Evocative Resonant Seductive enough to awaken one of those nightingales of inspiration Before I knew it I was being haunted by that nocturnal song serenaded with some insistence toward a

  • Vishy

    read kindle ↠ Napoleon Õ Paperback NapoleonWhen I was wondering which book to read next Paul Johnson's biography of Napoleon leapt at me I have had this book for years and so I thought maybe it was time to read it There is good news and bad news The good news first Paul Johnson's book narrates the story of Napoleon from the time he was born to his last days when he was imprisoned by the British in the island of StHelena It describes how he was lucky at times for example the island he was born Corsica used to be a part of Genoa but in the year before he was born Genoa gave away the island to France and so by chronological fortune Napoleon was born a French citizen which helped him to accomplish great things later but how at other times he accomplished great things because of his talent ability hardwork and because he was a man of action and took initiative

  • Jacob

    read kindle ↠ Napoleon Õ Paperback NapoleonJuly 2011A little book about the little emperor?Earlier this year and many years late I decided to start reading history and partly because I've been trying but failing to keep up with current events of the Arab Spring decided to focus on the Spring of Nations or the 1848 European Revolutions I uickly realized that I was in over my head so I decided to skip back a few decades and read about Napoleon Bonaparte especially his legacy in Europe and the Congress of Vienna But Napoleon is a rather imposing figure so I thought I should start small Read a short introduction Which brought me to Napoleon Paul Johnson's contribution to the Pengui

  • Jeff

    read kindle ↠ Napoleon Õ Paperback NapoleonMy review is addressed to others who have reviewed this book and found it too short or not detailed enoughWhat the hell were you expecting? The Penguin Lives series is not supposed to be a definitive set of authoritative biographies of eminent personages The point of Penguin Lives and other short biography series is to give a great writer an excuse to read a whole bunch of overlong biographies and then give us the reader their considered thoughts on the life and times of the subject Exhaustive detail would only get in the way of the main purpose of this book and others like it which is to elaborate on how the major events in their lives informed the character of the subjectEven if these sort of short biographies aren't your cup of tea as a reviewer you should strive to judge a book on its own terms

  • Jonathan

    read kindle ↠ Napoleon Õ Paperback NapoleonNapoleon Bonaparte progenitor of Hitler and Stalin lucky chancer sexual inadeuate and rapist killer of horses art thief cheat at cards hothead driven to fury by the innate taciturn superiority of the English and if all that wasn't bad enough a Frenchman Welcome to the life story of Bonaparte as written by harrumphing Little Englander Paul Johnson surely every Daily Mail reader's favourite historianDon't get me wrong I'm sure that even the most patriotic Frenchman understands the complexities crimes and hypocrisy of the man but Johnson's determination to look down his nose and belittle Bonaparte at every turn becomes tiresome Why spend half a page of a slim book explaining that Bonaparte didn't know how to use a 'nef' at a formal banuet? This is swiftly followed by the line What occurred on his wedding night is not recorded Johnson doubtless unhappy at a missed opportunity to

  • Sean Chick

    read kindle ↠ Napoleon Õ Paperback NapoleonJohnson has missed the point in a effort to sound clever He puts forth the old British arguments that Napoleon was a shiftless tyrant and now a proto Hitler who couldn't overcome Great Britain which embodied in Nelson and Wellington is a superior nation to France keep in mind Johnson hates the French Johnson's argument has no basis in the facts of how and why Nap

  • Daniel Kukwa

    read kindle ↠ Napoleon Õ Paperback NapoleonIn terms of being an incredibly concise straightforward and well paced primer on Napoleon it succeeds A great pity that the author allows his undercurrent of disgust at Napoleon's legacy to taint the tone of the prose He tries

  • Aurélien Thomas

    read kindle ↠ Napoleon Õ Paperback NapoleonPaul Johnson is supposed to be a serious historian Well I don't know about his other works but from a strictly academic point of view this 'Napoleon' is a complete fail Here's in fact of a pamphlet than a decent historical essayIf it's impossible to write about such a man without being biased and if having a bad opinion about the said man here VERY bad is acceptable there still remain lines to don't cross Those lines are nevertheless crossed here absolutely shamelesslyThe thing is this book goes way beyond depicting Napoleon as an opportunist and dictator Outrageous comparisons are also made so as to deliberately blacken his character The allusions to George Washington 'who translated a military victory into social progress and renunced to force in favor of the law' where Napoleon ruled with the help of canons and baionettes could have been in

  • Mickey

    read kindle ↠ Napoleon Õ Paperback NapoleonI'll start off this review with a general comment about biographies in general I've noticed that as I grow older I've become curious about how other people have gotten along in this world It seems to me that younger folk blinded by their convictions of their own exceptionalism are often barred from this interest I've read biographies before and had in fact in college been obsessed with Emil Ludwig a German biographer who was influential in the time between the two world wars but I think this love was rooted in the exoticism of his own viewpoint than in a curiousity of

  • Diem

    read kindle ↠ Napoleon Õ Paperback NapoleonI was told to expect good things from Paul Johnson and I was not disappointed Extremely engaging and informative without a lot of the pop psyche you can get from modern historical biography Appropriate amount of finger wagging at the French for elevating Napoleon's status to that of hero in the years after his death but overall the book neither vilifies nor deifies him This is a compact a