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[Reading] ➶ Perdido Street Station Author China Miéville – British author China Miéville's highly praised first novel King Rat was a lively debut and one of the most adventurous urban dark fantasy tales in memory In his follow up book Perdido Street Station Reading Perdido Street Station Author China Miéville Srl ltdcouk British author China Miéville's highly praised first novel King Rat was a lively debut and one of the most adventurous urban dark fantasy tales in memory In his follow up book Perdido Street Station British author China Miéville's highly praised first novel King Rat was a lively debut and one of the most adventurous urban dark fantasy tales in memory In his follow up book Perdido Street Station Miéville offers a vibrant and vivid setting for an innovative complex and fascinating tale of a land that exists in the gray realm between sorcery and scienceAll manner of aliens and humans coexist in the strange world spanning city of New Crobuzon Here dark magic and advanced science flourish amid an atmosphere of mysticism and madness under a Perdido Street ePUB government that uses cruel military repression to enforce its laws Independent cultures and civilizations exist side by side occas

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Ionally overlapping and breeding increasingly grotesue oddities Mutants and hybrids of every order can be found those with extra limbs grafted to their bodies or with their heads joined to arcane machineryScientist Isaac der Grimnebulin seeks to verify his unified theory that will link alchemy biology and mechanics into what he calls crisis energy He is visited by the wealthy Yagharek who belongs to the Garuda a race capable of flight Yagharek though has had his wings cut from him as punishment for an obscure crime and he seeks assistance from Isaac to recapture his ability to fly Isaac engages in wild experimentation as he tries to help growing and obsessive in his lab while he delves deeper into magic and fantastic technology He gathers together numerous flying creatures and imprisons a mysterious giant caterpillar that feeds on a hallucinogen giving it the ability to induce nightmares in others and steal their dreams When the caterpillar metamorphoses and escapes the lab it terrorizes the denizens

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Perdido Street StationOf New Crobuzon leaving its victims mindless zombies and bringing the full wrath of Parliament down on Isaac s headMiéville crosses genres and delves deeply into his imaginative resources dealing with the nature of beauty hell science and love The author s strengths as a storyteller lie in his ability to take the reader smoothly from fantastical elements and social ideology to abhorrent science fantasy in an inviting manner The landscape here is incredibly brutal and strange but we are immediately drawn into the eerie and unearthly details of life in New Crobuzon The dark splendor of the city itself is a brilliant and convincing contrivance Miéville's bizarre and imaginative characters are as pleasantly puzzling as they are engaging making each a significant part of the greater fabric of this weird and enticing world Wildly inventive droll and at times farcical Perdido Street Station is a fine addition to a body of work that is already filled with captivating daring and evocative novels Tom Piccirill

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  • Nataliya

    MOBI ç DOC Perdido Street Station ebook Perdido Street StationTo paraphrase Pratchett There's a saying that all roads lead to Ankh Morpork New Crobuzon And it's wrong All roads lead away from Ankh Morpork New Crobuzon but sometimes people walk along them the wrong wayA stunning image of New Crobuzon from A word of warning if you read only for the story and plot this book is not for you Yes there is an interesting storyline with mystery and danger and love and betrayal but it is neither the strength nor the focus of Perdido Street Station What the book is really about i

  • unknown

    MOBI ç DOC Perdido Street Station ebook Perdido Street StationLots of people like to accuse China Miéville of writing with a thesaurus open next to his laptop How else to explain the freuent appearance of ossified salubrious susurrus and inveigled within the 623 pages of Perdido Street Station? Ok so you can maybe argue that if you write a 250000 word book probably less than six of those words should be palimpsest but really I just think he's a smart guy who carefully controls his proseSo the language in The City The City is stripped down and spare because he is riffing on detective novel tropes Kraken is littered with pop culture references as he turns modern urban fantasy upside down And Perdido Street Station is dripping with ichor grotesuely ornate nouveau Victorian prose because that's the kind of book this is; dude clearly read a lot of HP Lovecraft speaking of which if you think this is hard to read just try a few paragraphs of that If you don't want to read something over the top generally safe to say don't re

  • Traveller

    MOBI ç DOC Perdido Street Station ebook Perdido Street StationThis Steampunk meets New Weird meets Cyberpunk meets Fantasy novel has so many themes that I'm not even going to try to give it full credit with some sort of synopsis I'm rather just going to talk about various aspects of the book as I go along with my reviewThe way I felt when I finished the novel I wanted to give it 7 stars For a few reasons I'm having second

  • J.G. Keely

    MOBI ç DOC Perdido Street Station ebook Perdido Street StationMy friends call me Senex 'The Old Man' because of my taste in fantasy or they would if I had any It's often been noted that I'll give at le

  • Ken-ichi

    MOBI ç DOC Perdido Street Station ebook Perdido Street StationI feel like I've been reading this book forever It's long largely unstructured and I never became particularly invested in any of the characters so it just dragged on The best thing I could say about it is that it's diverting One of the uotes on the back describes it as phantasmagoric which seems accurate All sorts of crazy random things soul devouring moth creatures interdimensional homicidal spiders creative reconstructive surgery as state punishment That's all amusing to a degree enough to keep boredom at bay while waiting in line or riding the trainWhich is not to say that this is a work of complete and utter novelty All kinds of fantasy and scifi tropes sentient parasite societies machines acuiring intelligence hawk people oppressive government blah blah There are also passages like thisThe glass was painted opaue It vibrated minutely in eldritch dimensions buffeted by emanations from withinandDark figures slid expertly at breakneck speed t

  • Lyn

    MOBI ç DOC Perdido Street Station ebook Perdido Street StationA brilliant page turnerFirst of all any book that begins with a uote from Philip K Dick is alright in my book and promises a great story to come This promise was kept with interest Perdido Street Station by China Mieville is to steampunk weird fiction as Neuromancer was to cyberpunk – it is the definitive benchmark An urbane nightmarish fantasy Perdido Street Station is similar to Mieville’s The City and the City; but where the later novel was Monte Python absurd PSS is Charles Dickens’ steam punk chic blending elements of brilliant characterization with fantastic settings and all under the umbrella of Mieville’s outrageously creative imagination Mieville makes freuent and entertaining use of simile and metaphor to color his landscape but may turn a little too often to the thesaurus; though the five dollar wor

  • Vit Babenco

    MOBI ç DOC Perdido Street Station ebook Perdido Street StationThe universe got stuck in the age of steam And in this bizarro universe a lot of bizarro creatures do a lot of bizarro deedsThe clouds swirled in the city’s filthy microclimate It seemed as if all of New Crobuzon’s weather was formed by a massive gradual crawling hurricane that centred around the city’s heart the enormous mongrel building that suatted at the core of the commercial zone known as The Crow the coagulate of miles of railway line and years of architectural styles and violations Perdido Street Station An industrial castle bristling with random parapets The westernmost tower of the station was the militia’s Spike that loomed over the other turrets dwarfing them tugged in seven directions by taut skyrails But for all its height the Spike was only an annex of the enormous station The architect had been incarcerated uite mad seven years after Perdido Street Station was completed He was a heretic it was said intent on building his own godChina Miéville blithe

  • mark monday

    MOBI ç DOC Perdido Street Station ebook Perdido Street Station my dear Perdido Street Stationperhaps it is fated not to be or perhaps i need to grow a bit until i am able to understand and appreciate your uniue charms but for now i am just not ready please don't take this personally i promise that i shall try you out again sometime perhaps soon too many people love you and they love you too too much for me to give up on you altogether i will admit that my first impression was off putting the way you talked and gestured and sought attention only created annoyance but still i was determined to soldier on knowing of the wonders that many others have enjoyed in your embrace i thought that there must be something there some uality underneath all of the affectation and all of the almost desperate attempts to dazzle and to provoke i felt confident that beneath all of the ruffles and ribbons and silky trifles and shiny buttons that there would be something interesting and of

  • Brad

    MOBI ç DOC Perdido Street Station ebook Perdido Street Station WARNING This review probably contains some but not many spoilers so you may not want to read this if you haven’t read Perdido Street Station yet This review also contains plenty of vulgarity Please don't read this if you do not want to see the f and other words ThanksMe reading my review I decided to read this on SoundCloud since BirdBrian has turned me into a recorded voice madman You can listen right he

  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)

    MOBI ç DOC Perdido Street Station ebook Perdido Street Station☠ DNF at 11% Go me and stuffYet another overhyped book with a cult following bites the dust Yay I obviously read this one wrong Or maybe I read it right but didn't enjoy it because I'd mistakenly purchased the Swahili version and read it back to front and upside down This is the most plausible explanation since I don't belong to the People of Despicable Book Taste Horde PoDBTH™ and always read books right Had I bought the English version I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have noticed how excruciatingly boring the story is Or thought that reading the book was a tedious chore than being on cleaning duty at the barnacle shed But I did