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❮Ebook❯ ➠ Falconfar Author Ed Greenwood – Srl-ltd.co.uk With the evil wizards Malraun and Narmarkoun seemingly defeated and Malraun's tower falling about his ears Rod Everlar the science fiction writer drawn into a world of his own creation now faces his gEbook Falconfar Author Ed Greenwood Srl ltdcouk With the evil wizards Malraun and Narmarkoun seemingly defeated and Malraun's tower falling about his ears Rod Everlar the science

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Er drawn into a world of his own creation now faces his greatest challenge As Falconfar descends into war Rod must find the power and the knowledge to fight the first Archwizard the most feared of the Dooms Loronta

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FalconfarFiction writer drawn into a world of his own creation now faces his g With the evil wizards Malraun and Narmarkoun seemingly defeated and Malraun's tower falling about his ears Rod Everlar the science fiction writ

Falconfar doc Ö Hardcover Ed Greenwood is the creator of the Forgotten Realms fantasy world which became the setting for his home DD game in Play still continues in this long running campaign and Ed also keeps busy producing Realmslore for various TSR publicationsEd has published over two hundred articles in Dragon magazine and Polyhedron newszine is a lifetime charter member of the Role Playing Game Associaton.

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  • Jon Powell

    Falconfar doc Ö Hardcover FalconfarAs someone who binged this series pretty hard I was very into it until this book I really enjoyed the premise and the promise enough to ignore some of the flaws in the earlier books This one though felt like the author just wanted to finish the series and move on it read as a rushed conclusion that didn't pay off any of the buildup A poor conclusion can seriously affect how previous works are viewed and this seriously made me rethink how I viewed the earlier books and whether I would support this author's works in the future if this is how he ends a series

  • Evan

    Falconfar doc Ö Hardcover FalconfarSothey finally wrap it up in this the final book in the series Shortest of the books and that is a good thing as this one just needed to end As noted in my review of the second book this can be read coherently only if you treat it like a 'pick your own adventure' book and skim over anything that doesn't directly involve the character you are following Tey comes off as a poor

  • Kivutar

    Falconfar doc Ö Hardcover FalconfarThis book should have it all Book author travels to the realm of his imagination has the ability to become the most powerful wizard in the world beautiful fallen angel warrior at his side Unfortunately it falls short on every point This book is part of a trilogy and as such you expect the hero to take a little bit of time to acclimate to the new world and then shine but Rod never does He rarely even bumbles into the correct answer His fallen angel becomes a bondage sex slave for at least an entire book and the most interesting characters in the whole series is a fat warrior and his bone thin girl friend There are so many other series that do this theme properly that you really should steer clear of this one

  • Mike

    Falconfar doc Ö Hardcover FalconfarThis could have been so good I really enjoyed the first book it even helped inspire my senior project but the series got steadily worse over books 2 3 There was no character development at all even in situations that any sane person would call life changing looking at you in particular Taeauna And the ending which felt totally undeserved was inexplicably rushed and seemed to be half realized The only way I can really sum it up is that I like the main characters and the setting and that's about itI might give a fourth book a chance it if wrapped up the myriad loose ends but that doesn't seem likely

  • Luc Larose

    Falconfar doc Ö Hardcover Falconfarthis book even after reading two bad books in the serie was a disapointmentat the end of the book the hero goes from a doormat of a character to something else? he's never taking initiative and always follow his companion and in the matter of a few pages he's balls deep into her and they are talking about their futurethe whole book feel rushed you get thrown from adventure to advent

  • Dave Foss

    Falconfar doc Ö Hardcover FalconfarI've seen a lot of mixed reviews for the book but I really enjoyed it the whole series was great plenty of action and suspense all the way up till the end the only part I did not like is how the main character is always second guessing himself gets old after a while I will definitely be looking into some books by Ed greenwood

  • John Robertson

    Falconfar doc Ö Hardcover FalconfarHorrible misogynistic tripe the finale A complete waste of time The narrator does a decent job but the novel is so bad with no redeeming ualities not even his performance can save it

  • Mike

    Falconfar doc Ö Hardcover FalconfarI cannot stress enough to you that you should NOT read this book Seriously I've read all types from trash fi silly science fiction books to fantasy books of all kinds but I've never encountered a worse series of books than this Falconfar Saga trilogyI checked all three books out of the library and I would've stopped with the first one but I thought to myself Surely Ed Greenwood wouldn't write this kind of trash It simply must get better I was wrongImagine an ambling plot while checking off every sin imaginable murder okay par for fantasy novels incest blasphemy necrophilia misandry to name but a few and you have this trilogySpare yourself Do NOT read these It's not even worth the free checkout from the library

  • Kateri

    Falconfar doc Ö Hardcover FalconfarI actually did not finish this book It's been awhile since I read the last one in the series which as I go over my review I apparently didn't like that much and I just couldn't get into it I read the The Story Thus Far and it was so complicated with so many characters and plot lines that even after reading the summary I couldn't really remember what happened in the previous books and based on the first 60 pages or so this book was going to be just as complicated Definitely a case of too many good books too little time

  • Ben

    Falconfar doc Ö Hardcover FalconfarOverall this series was good Second book dragged along uite a bit and I felt like it was not going anywhere There are a lot of characters in book 3 to keep track of and the last 50 pages could have been developed a lot