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READ ¹ A Fire Upon the Deep ↠ ★ A Fire Upon the Deep PDF / Epub ✪ Author Vernor Vinge – Alternate Cover Edition can be found here A Fire upon the Deep is the big breakout book that fulfills the promise of Vinge's career to date a gripping tale of galactic war told on a cosmic scaleThousa Alternate Cover Edition can be

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Tingly unleash an awesome power that destroys thousands of worlds and enslaves all natural and artificial intelligenceFleeing the Fire Upon the PDF/EPUB threat a family of scientists including two children are taken captive by the Tines an alien race with a harsh medieval culture and used as pawns in a ruthless power struggle A rescue mission not entirely composed of humans must rescue the children and a secret that may save the rest of interstellar civilizatio.


A Fire Upon the DeepD on a cosmic scaleThousands of years hence many races inhabit a universe where a mind's potential is determined by its location in space from superintelligent entities in the A Fire PDF or Transcend to the limited minds of the Unthinking Depths where only simple creatures and technology can function Nobody knows what strange force partitioned space into these regions of thought but when the warring Straumli realm use an ancient Transcendent artifact as a weapon they unwit.

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    READ ¹ A Fire Upon the Deep A Fire Upon the Deep Crypto ◘ Syntax 81 As received by GR ServerFarm NW Language path Stream of Consciousness Babble→Poorly Considered Argument→LOLcats→Goodreads In jokes→Only Funny to Me→Irony→English From JoeleojA known Goodreads reviewer of Midwesten US origin Extensive priors before this review began Appears aligned with the Hipster Coalition but has denied close ties Program recommendation Imagine this post being read in a tone of self satisfied ironic detachment Subject Books to talk about with my wife when she can't fall asleep DistributionSpace Opera WorthwhileNeat AliensBigNerds Special Interest Group Date 45 days before the Fall of BookSwap Key phrases Mind Bending Galactic Scope Smooth World Building Bogs Down in the Middle Characters are kind of flat Telepathic puppy aliens Text of message Space is really really really big You think you know this but you don't Like you have probably heard before that something like one million Earths would fit inside t

  • Mario the lone bookwolf

    READ ¹ A Fire Upon the Deep A Fire Upon the DeepEntering the Zones of Thought some of the best worldbuilding physics metaphysics fusion alternative universe functioning explanation space opera escalationAfter reading the 2 books of this series please keep thinking and theorizing about the possible implications of what it would mean if the mechanisms of this universe would be true in a parallel universe or in one of the endless others is some of the most unconventional and potentially manifold settings because usually in Space Opera there is the same universe with the same physics everywhere except some anomalies future tech different Kardashev scale levels o

  • David Hughes

    READ ¹ A Fire Upon the Deep A Fire Upon the DeepI want to make it clear that I don't lightly write rave reviews Please read the following sentence twiceThis is an absolutely fantastic bookOn the outskirts of the Galaxy far from the physical constraints of the Galactic core faster than light travel is possible and Transcended intelligences flourish to a complexity that dwarfs human comprehension Scavenging for buried knowledge on a dead world a party of humans awakes an ancient evil an archive containing an entity so powerful and so malign that it begins to sweep across the galaxy overwhelming even the godlike Powers of

  • Jamie Collins

    READ ¹ A Fire Upon the Deep A Fire Upon the DeepThis is an impressive work of hard science fiction I admire the author's creation and the writing is decent if not rivetingI enjoyed the story of the Tines aliens with pack minds and I came to like the concept of the zones of thought where different levels of technology are possible in different areas of the galaxyBut I found myself indifferent to the rest of the characters The enemy they called the Blight seemed ominous only in the prologue for the rest of the book it was kept at such a distance that I never felt truly worried about it The Tines character Steel was a sinister villainThe book was long yet the plot seemed shallow and there was little character development except on the planet of the Tines I'm already having trouble remembering why it took so many pages to tell this st

  • Apatt

    READ ¹ A Fire Upon the Deep A Fire Upon the Deep A Fire Upon The Deep is Vernor Vinge’s magnum opus a classic of the genre one of the greats and deservedly most popular sci fi novels ever Google “The Best Sci Fi Books of All Time” and you will find this book included in many of these lists sharing shelf space with Dune Ender’s Game and the likes I suppose if you are looking for a uick “yay or nay” recommendation you will already have your answer by this point You may as well avoid exposure to my long windedness and get started on the book I first read this book seven years ago and I have just reread it this review is a complete revamp of my 2011 review On this rere

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    READ ¹ A Fire Upon the Deep A Fire Upon the DeepEpic science fiction at its best this space opera novel shared the 1993 Hugo Award with Doomsday Book This is incredibly imaginative with a great complex story and detailed believable world building and some of the best alien species ever imagined It's a long sprawling story and the technological parts are rather dated but I still loved itA group of scientists investigating a five billion year old data archive accidentally unleashes the Blight a malignant superintelligence that rapidly learns how to infiltrate and control computer systems and even living species The scientists desperately send a couple of space ships fleeing away with some of their people and some information that may stop the Blight from controlling and destroying galactic civilization One of tho

  • Daniel Roy

    READ ¹ A Fire Upon the Deep A Fire Upon the DeepI tried very hard to like A Fire Upon the Deep The reviews for it are stellar and it did won a Hugo Also I am a huge fan of SF so I felt this book would be a sure fire hit with me Not soAs other reviewers pointed out this book has some great ideas Pack sentience is very nice and the idea of zones is intriguing Unfortunately all these are wrapped in very shoddy writing To tell the truth the writing was barely above fan sci fi in some placesThe characterizatio

  • mark monday

    READ ¹ A Fire Upon the Deep A Fire Upon the Deepchildren on the run alien dogs that think as a group power in numbers powerful book good dogs although some bad dogs too I guess fanatical is a bad personality trait even for dogsdifferent flavors adventure medieval fantasy comedy hard science fiction even horror big ideasthoughtful exciting highly original fantastic book

  • Brian

    READ ¹ A Fire Upon the Deep A Fire Upon the DeepMaybe I'll come off as bi polar when I start this five star review my first of 2011 with an extensive list of why the book I'm applauding is utter garbage But what the hell I'm game if you are Let's do itWhy A Fire Upon the Deep is Utter Garbage1 Mr Vinge's characters are only so so and the humans are the worst of the lot Every once in a blue moon a character will shine which makes it so hard to bear their poor treatment at other critical points Vernor struggles as most sci fi authors do with creating believable characters of depth and dimension that readers can be bothered to care about or will retain in their memories When someone loses everything they hold dear eg their planet I should be able to feel the emotional resonance pour

  • Felicia

    READ ¹ A Fire Upon the Deep A Fire Upon the DeepSooo I know this is a seminal classic of the Space Opera genre so the fact I didn't LOVE it as much as everyone said I would makes me feel a bit inadeuate in a way but hey everyone is entitled to their opinions eh I mean from an intellectual stan