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MaitreyiEnchanted by his host's daughter the lovely and inscrutable Maitreyi a precocious young poet and former student of Tagore What follows is a charming tentative flirtation that soon against all the proprieties and precepts of Indian society blossoms into a love affair both impossible and ultimately tragic This erotic passion plays itself out in Alain's thoughts long after its bitter conclusion In hindsight he sets down the story uoting from the diaries of his disordered days and trying to make sense of the sad affair A vibrantly poetic love story Bengal Nights is also a cruel account of the wreckage left in the wake of a young man's self discovery At once horrifying and deeply moving Eliade's story repeats the patterns of European engagement with India even as it exposes and conde.

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Mns them Invaluable for the insight it offers into Eliade's life and thought it is a work of great intellectual and emotional power Bengal Nights is forceful and harshly poignant written with a great love of India informed by clear eyed understanding But do not open it if you prefer to remain unmoved by your reading matterIt is enough to make stones weep — Literary ReviewMircea Eliade was the Sewell L Avery Distinguished Service Professor in the Divinity School and the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago Many of his scholarly works as well as his two volume autobiography and four volume journal are published by the University of Chicago Press Translated into French in Bengal Nights was an immediate critical success The film Les Nuits Bengali appeared in..

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REVIEW Î Maitreyi » ❄ [EPUB] ✼ Maitreyi By Mircea Eliade ➝ – Set in 1930s Calcutta this is a roman á clef of remarkable intimacy Originally published in Romanian in 1933 this semiautobiographical novel by the world renowned scholar Mircea Eliade details the pa Set in s Calcutta this is a roman á clef of remarkable intim[EPUB] Maitreyi By Mircea Eliade Srl Set in 1930s Calcutta this is a roman á clef of remarkable intimacy Originally published in Romanian in 1933 this semiautobiographical novel by the world renowned scholar Mircea Eliade details the pa Set in s Calcutta this is a roman á clef of remarkable intimacy originally published in Romanian in this semiautobiographical novel by the world renowned scholar Mircea Eliade details the passionate awakenings of Alain an ambitious young French engineer flush with colonial pride and prejudice and full of a European fascination with the mysterious subcontinent Offered the hospitality of a senior Indian colleague Alain grasps at the chance to discover the authentic India firsthand He soon finds himself.

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  • Rowena

    REVIEW Î Maitreyi Maitreyi35 starsIt's tough to rate a book like this Initially upon finishing it I rated it uite highly but after I've had time to think about the content I felt much less compelled to do soBengal Nights was written by a European man in India Calcutta in the 1930s so I knew I was going to be shaking my head a lot I expected racism exotificat

  • Andreea Obreja

    REVIEW Î Maitreyi MaitreyiI hate him He gets what he wants then leaves doing all kinds of stupid stuff because suffering for love is just so poetic and everybody just loves a sad hero Or in the beginning when he just couldn't admit what he really thought and mocked everything Indian so that he wouldn't look bad And in the end he just HAD to be such a cynic about that girl's thoughtsI don't feel like rating this There were some things I liked but I can't remember them because I'm too furious I shall rate it in the future when I may be less subjective I just kind of hated everything about this story The language was extremely sickeningly sweet and over affected The story line was somehow good

  • Mutasim Billah

    REVIEW Î Maitreyi Maitreyi Really Alain how could you fall for a Bengali They're disgusting I was born here I know these women better than you do They're dirty and there's nothing doing believe me no uestion of love That girl will never look at you I read this book two years ago and my feelings about it haven't changed for the better How to describe it best I think I've asked myself that multiple times over this time How do I put it into words how awful I felt about this book How it only proved the colonial mentality of Eliade's and not so much about the customs of our land that Eliade merely made a mockery of it all calling it all savageryThe racism in the story is blatant what's worse is that hate is thinly veiled as love The back story as you all know is of his time in India and his relationship with Surendranath Dasgupta and his family notably his daughter Maitreyi Devi Thinly veiled I mean as the protagonist is called Alain while the heroine is insulted repeatedly on her lack of

  • Jo.

    REVIEW Î Maitreyi MaitreyiThis is just pure trash that I wish I didn't have to read for school and that it wasn't presented as the greatest love story Romania's ever damned seen Here's the plot Allan is a fetishist pig that mystifies India abuses his power as an older man and manipulates an inexperienced 16 year old to fall in love with him and wishes she would get raped so that she could be only his after she's cast out by her family gets jealous over everything A TREE HE GETS JEALOUS

  • Angela

    REVIEW Î Maitreyi MaitreyiAn absolutely fabulous love story beetwen different worlds but essentialy the sameThe atmoshere is fantasticyou can smell the parfurmes can taste the flavours can feel that delicate sarican even think in that specific waythat Maitreyi is used toFabulous and sweet and touching

  • Julien M.

    REVIEW Î Maitreyi MaitreyiI love it and I hate it at the same time if that is at all possible I just finished reading it for the second time and I don't really remember anything like this after reading it the first time but it hit something inside me wherever and whatever that is and a very weird combination of feelings surfaced I suppose Eliade succeeded in making the reader or at least me feel as close as possible to what he must have felt back then if not towards Maitreyi at least towards the book itself Being able to penetrate to its core this obviously touching and disturbing at the same time story I find myself judging him a lot for his stupid actions and his lack of judgment

  • Teo

    REVIEW Î Maitreyi MaitreyiAwful Maitreyi is awfulAllan is OKish

  • Diana

    REVIEW Î Maitreyi MaitreyiI was planning on reading this book for a very long time and now that we were asked to read it for our Romanian class I thought that this was the perfect opportunity I actually think that this book is one of very few that I'm really glad that it is included in the scholarly program because to be honest the other books and authors are really lame Or maybe it is just my unconditional love for Eliade's literatureWhat I liked most about this book was that I could actually see the love growing in front of my eyes Maitreyi ha

  • Andreea

    REVIEW Î Maitreyi MaitreyiMomentously racist orientalist makes me hate humanity remembering that I once saw no problem with all the bizarre things Eliade writes does to Indian culture in this book makes me want to hurt myself

  • Nicole

    REVIEW Î Maitreyi MaitreyiThe day I approve of racism sexism abuse and another crap ton of bad things it's the day school wins But not today Satan